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Jul 13, 2014 11:37 AM

Munich with Young Children

Any recommendations in Munich, for places that are :
- not very expensive
- as kids-friendly as possible
- non-smoking, if it is still legal for people to smoke indoors in Bavaria. What is the legal status of smoking in restaurants in Bavaria?

Obviously doesn't have to be fancy places.

It would be nice if the restaurant will offer something made of vegetables. That are not potatoes. Dare I ask for vegetarian dishes that are not Spaetzle?

Specific areas I am thinking of

- Near the Deutsches Museum
- City centre (near all corny sites)
- Olympic Park area
- East (between the Tierpark and the Michaelisbad) and eastwards (I am staying in the far-far east of Munich. One step and I'll be out of the city!)

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  1. We visited Munich with our grandchildren about 4 years ago. We ended up having dinner one night right in the restaurant that's below the City Hall. Yes, it was a bit touristy but they were very kind to the kids, and the food wasn't half bad. We didn't eat near the Deutsches Museum, but don't miss that!

    1. I was in Munich last September. I had dinner at Ratskeller in the Marienplatz. Yeah, probably touristy but it was fun. It's a big place, lots of different rooms so you can choose which room calls out to you. I don't eat meat and ended up with a nice salad and vegetarian potato soup. They do have other veggie options on the menu. I think kids would love it. I don't recall any smoking in the restaurants I visited.

      1. Smoking is banned in restaurants across Germany since at least 5 years now.

        There is a L'Osteria at the Gasteig now, which will take care of something near Deutsches Museum. It's a very successful (and good) pizza place that is great for kids. Warning the pizzas are large enough to feed two adults, so order accordingly. This branch is at Innere-wiener strasse 2. Paulaner am nockherberg is also close, in case you want German. Most German places are kid friendly. Bavarian toddlers love potato dumplings with sauce, maybe something to try. Otherwise kids here survive on pretzels.

        City center you'll probably get lots of replies. My toddlers adore the Viktualienmarkt. I buy them a wurst and we sit in the Biergarten.

        At hellabrunn (the zoo) there is a nice looking place near the parking lot but we always end up eating inside. The Biergarten is probably the nicest option but don't expect too much.

        Will have to think about Olympic area, don't know it too well. You could take the u3 down to M√ľnchener Freiheit, there is a nice taqueria there called la condesa. My daughter loves it, but might be because it is entirely bright pink. Other options abound nearby.

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          I believe you can smoke at tables outdoors.

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            The poster asked about smoking indoors.

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            Oh, and re stuff with vegetables, even most German places will have some pasta/ salad options these days. Might be more Italian than Bavarian but even Germans like something lighter now and again.