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Jul 13, 2014 10:19 AM

Plug for the new Field Roast Burgers

I just try these yesterday, skillet fried in a bit of canola oil, and they are SPECTACULAR. Super flavorful, juicy, toothsome. Definitely the best store-bought veggie burger I've tried. Field Roast has yet to disappoint me.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I just checked them out on the Field Roast website and they look great.....a little high in fat maybe (24g/patty), which certainly accounts for the "juiciness". Still, it will be a nice change from my bean-based ones occasionally!

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        I unfortunately threw away the nutritional info, but it was definitely different than the info sheet there. I want to say the serving size was 1 burger and was 160 calories, so I think the 24g of fat is also inaccurate for the non-food service package. I'll take a look next time I'm at the store.

        1. re: tazia

          Huh. Weird.
          I'll totally look for them next time my WF has their stuff on sale, i keep going to bbqs and would be great to bring one of these!

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Nope, I'm nuts. Here's the nutritional info:
            Calories: 340, 220 from fat
            Total fat: 24g, Sat 8g

            Still worth it, IMO, but def. less "healthy" than your everyday veggie burger. Given that I'm typically sad that I can't indulge like omnis can, I'm totally fine with the nutritional info.

            1. re: tazia

              Whatever, not like you eat them every meal....

              I actually had a few of their smaller breakfast sausages the other day and give those two big thumbs up! Waaaayyy better than the version Yves makes (and i hate boca and morningstar products anyways).

    1. I love their sausages. I just wished they were not so hard to find.

      1. They seem to be expanding their product line at warp speed lately! Which is awesome. Aside from the price anyways (umm, $7 for 6oz of their deli slices?!)

        The sausages are my favorite still-and go over well with the omnis who try it too! I'll look for the patties, my whole foods seems to put their products on sale with some frequency.

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        1. re: Ttrockwood

          My dad is allergic to soy so the burger is good news, though I must say except for their sausages I find their loaf & slices leaden and rather unappetizing. I had a friend who fooled her entire family with those sausages for July 4th. More power to her!

          1. re: Rory

            Yeah the loaf is not my thing either.... Has your dad tried Quorn products? They're vegetarian (not vegan since it has egg) and soy free, i really like the meatless balls. All their stuff is in the freezer section, made mostly from a mushroom protein- but doesn't taste mushroomy at all.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              Thanks and yes we basically live off Quorn as he only became veg in his 70's and needs the 'meat' (even though he knows it's not). I love their meatballs, wonderful texture and I agree there is no mushroomy taste at all....For loaves I make Seventh Day Adventist loaves and they have excellent recipes.http://www.seventhdayadventistamersha...

              1. re: Rory

                Wow- its never too late to go veg! Good for him.
                Those recipes look great! On the other thread i replied to with the thread of veg*n blogs, lots of "meat" recipes that are more options and ideas.
                The ppk beet burger is popular with my omni friends- and looks very meaty too! I've also made it into balls and it freezes well (cooked first)

              2. re: Ttrockwood

                Well, it's not really made from mushrooms, it's a fungus in that family but it's lab-propagated and bears little resemblance to mushrooms.

          2. I bought it at a Los Angeles health food store - Lassens'- and admittedly, it was tasty - so I checked the calorie count - and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. 340 calories for a single burger - 24 GRAMS of fat - 37% of the total daily recommended consumption of fat IN ONE BURGER. 67% of the burger is FAT. I am not only disgusted by angry and indignant that a health-food company is selling such an unhealthful product.

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            1. re: HeathClifff

              For anyone on Weight Watcher's...that's a *9 point* veggie burger!!! Not that the ingredients are at all comparable, but a Five Guys bunless little burger (beef) is only 6!!

              1. re: Science Chick

                Field Roast is not a "health food" company....we are a "compassion food" company....our goal is to make a food that can go up against animal foods and equal, if not better them in terms of satiation, taste and texture.

                The idea of "health" is very relative and dictated to current trends and perspectives....we believe our products are healthy....can be a part of a healthy fact much healthier than their animal counterparts but yes....when compared to black bean burgers and other low fat focused veggie burgers...our burgers are much richer!

                David Lee - President/Founder - Field Roast

                1. re: grainmeat

                  David, if my words were harsh, I apologize. But it's semantics to equivocate between healthfood and compassion food. No one would consider a vegan item that's two-thirds fat healthy. And a veggie burger with 24 grams of fat, and the same calories as beef burger, is stretching the definition of good for you. Admittedly, yes, it was tasty. But anything is tasty if you pour on the fat.

                  1. re: HeathClifff

                    If I may put words in Mr. Lee's mouth, he's arguing that "healthy" is a vague notion and differs among individual needs. And certainly you won't be eating these 3 times a day.

                    The point is a "compassionate food" is one that doesn't slaughter an animal to deliver food with flavor.

                    1. re: gourmanda

                      With all due respect, I don't need Mr. Lee's words explained to me. Field roast is sold at Whole Foods, Lassens and other vendors known for healthy eating. A product that is vegan but contains 2/3 fat is compassionate to animals, but not to humans. And is not healthy when an individual burger has 24 grams of fat.

                      1. re: gourmanda

                        By the way, a single Field Roast burger has more fat than an entire McDonald's double cheeseburger (21 grams) and slightly less than an entire Big Mac (27 grams)

                        1. re: HeathClifff

                          Wow thanks for that information! ugh, no thanks and my dad needs to be soy-free.

                          And David Lee, let's not be foolish vegans are inclined to be VERY knowledgeable about health. For sure I am and would never buy a burger that was just a giant fat trap...plenty of other healthy choices.

                          1. re: Rory

                            It looks like they are soy free...

                            And honestly I don't understand or would ever eat that way but these do look "paleo" with the high fat and protein and fairly low carbs. And god knows there are a lot of people out there convinced that paelo=healthy

                    2. re: grainmeat

                      Thank you for your input here!
                      I have enjoyed introducing many omnis to field roast products and they have all been enthusiastic.
                      The burger is definitely what i would call a treat food and i'm glad that the product is even out there especially given the widespread distribution of field roast.
                      I hope your company continues its success with compassionate products!

                      1. re: grainmeat

                        David and others, please check the PROTEIN count on this product (which I haven't tasted yet as it doesn't seem to be available in Canada). The Field Roast products I have been able to buy were so high in protein that a single sausage or frankfurter was enough.

                        And David, now that you've come along, do you have any idea when Field Roast products will once again be available in Canada?

                        1. re: lagatta

                          A 3 oz portion of Seitan has 21 grams of protein and 100-130 calories. It's also low in sodium. So a much healthier and cheaper choice for vegans. Also zero fat Greek style yogurt has 22 grams of protein. Not to mention nuts & nut butters, smoothies, tahini, lentils etc...

                          There are plenty of soy free choices that are healthy.

                          1. re: Rory

                            Because when I feel like having a "burger", yogurt would be a good substitute?

                            1. re: gourmanda

                              We were talking about nutrition and health.; frankly you'd be better off with 2 boca burgers. But do as you please.

                              1. re: Rory

                                While Boca burgers are admittedly not as nearly tasty as these field roast fatburgers, I like them because they're just 100 calories each. I agree. Disappointed that Costco no longer carries them.

                                1. re: Rory

                                  No, you and HC were trying to make it about health. The OP was talking about a good tasting vegetarian burger replacement. But whatever. You go and be your version of healthy and I will be mine.

                                  1. re: gourmanda

                                    Healthy isn't subjective. A food item with 2/3 fat isn't healthy. It may be tasty, but it's not healthy.

                                    1. re: HeathClifff

                                      Heathcliff said it; there are medical guidelines about nutrition. Just as a Big Mac is unhealthy so is this burger, that's a fact not an opinion. Taste is subjective.

                                      1. re: HeathClifff

                                        Researchers are finding that fat is not the enemy. Eating more calories than you need is the problem.

                                        1. re: gourmanda

                                          Good fats are extremely important: olives, nuts, tahini, avocado etc... junk fats are found in processed food. there is an easy guide: everything in moderation.

                                          1. re: Rory

                                            Indeed. I suggest you follow that advice.

                      2. Odd one out here. I did not care for the flavor. But I was pleasantly surprised that they did not contain the ubiquitous (and foul) canola oil. Hard to find products that do not have canola oil in the ingredient list.