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Jul 13, 2014 08:09 AM

Lancaster BYOB suggestions

A friend and I will be in downtown Lancaster, PA in a couple of weeks. We are looking for BYOBs for Friday and Saturday night dinners. We are open to any and all styles of food when done really well. We've seen great reviews for Ma(i)son and Citronelle, but are also hoping for a really good steak one night. While it would be nice to stay in downtown Lancaster, we're willing to drive a bit for the steak. Any suggetions?

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  1. Either Maison or Citronnelle would be a great BYOB choice with the edge going to Maison.

    As for the steak, I can't think of a good BYOB option in the area. I've read some nice things about The Stockyard which is just outside the city and probably the closest thing you will find to a traditional steakhouse here, but have not been there myself. John J Jeffries usually has a steak option. And Hunger n' Thirst has steak frites. But I haven't ordered the steak at either. There are always other dishes that interest me more. None of these are BYOB.

    1. As Ahab pretty much stated, you are limited to Citronelle and Ma(i)son for finer dining BYOB's. Any other BYO restaurants in the Lancaster area are small ethnic eateries.

      I also agree with the suggestions of Stockyard and John J. Jeffries. If you truly are looking for a traditional steakhouse, Stockyard is your place. I've been and enjoyed it greatly.

      If you truly want to drive for the best steak in the region, there is always Mangia Qui in Harrisburg. Also not a BYO, but their Tuscan rib eye is famous. But it is their only steak option, being an Italian restaurant, not a steak house. It is an all around fantastic restaurant.

      1. Thanks to the both of you, ahab and centralpadiner. Your tips are good and we'll most likely end up at a couple of places you mentioned.
        If anyone has any other suggestions, please chime in.

        1. Considerably more downscale from those already mentioned, but certainly more affordable, Saigon Cafe and Rice & Noodles are both very good for pho and other Vietnamese dishes. Both are BYO.

          1. Sushi One is a pretty good Sushi/Japanese place on the Fruitville Pike that is another inexpensive BYO I have enjoyed many times.