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Jul 13, 2014 07:05 AM

Recently at Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty's success is clearly influencing Chinese food in
Philadelphia, but on a recent visit to the HD on Chestnut Street near 2nd, we were very disappointed. The menu has levels of spiciness for each dish, calibrated from 0-10. But everything they served us was spicy. Even the vegetable with garlic sauce, which we were assured by the server as no spiciness, was spicy. And we'd brought a guest, so we were disappointed, but worse--embarrassed to have subjected the guest to it. He thought it was funny, bc he was trying to be a good sport. I guess we could have/should have complained, but we wanted to be chatting with our friend, not embroiled with the restaurant. So we probably will never go back.

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  1. Not trying to be mean, but why would you go to a restaurant like HD if you didn't want spicy food? The whole point of most of the food there is that it is spicy.

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      I like spicy food, but usually I order a range of dishes, different flavors and degrees of hotness. The menu acknowledges that there are various levels of heat possible, and when you order, you're encouraged to avoid ordering all 10s. my complaint that every dish was hot, even those described as not hot. All nuance is lost.

    2. I may have to try the 2nd street location--

      My wife and I have been to the Cherry Hill, NJ location of HD and were disappointed by how mild everything was. Our cold spicy rabbit appetizer was delicious, but our entrees were bland (even though I ordered mine at level 10 and they brought extra chili oil to the table).

      1. The spice levels have always been inconsistent for me at HD's OC location, though they're usually under-hot, not over. The only one I've had consistently good experiences at is the University City location, and I've only been there a few times.

        1. My friend and I had dinner at the same HD as you myra and were asked by our server how everything was in terms of spicy because we felt things tasted a bit different from usual. She informed us that she was asking us becuase they had recently got a new chef in the kitchen and he was still learning how to control all the spice levels. Maybe thats why?

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              This reminds me of an interview that Han gave several years ago where he acknowledged the general consistency problem, and even suggested it was more of a problem with chefs he brings over from China as compared to people he trains from the US.