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Jul 13, 2014 06:40 AM

Quick Lunch in Newark?

My husband is taking an exam at the Best Western on Park Place in Newark. Any suggestions for a quick but decent lunch? Nothing fancy, a coffee shop or similar is fine. Bonus points for vegetarian options. Thanks!

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  1. Go to The Monk Room on Green St for sure!!

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      +1 for The Monk Room...especially if you enjoy octopus!

    2. Not sure how close they are too the best western but Hobby's Delicatessen & Restaurant or Tops Diner are good. Not too sure about vegetarian options but they both have large menus.

      1. Hobby's is a great Deli, and I love the place but options for the vegetarian will be few, and it is a bit of a hike from the hotel, just over a half mile walk. Another good option, and closer to the hotel, is House of Thai, on New Street. House of Thai is a bit of a hole in the wall type place but the food is quite good, and good vegetarian selections. Hobby does do delivery, so if he gets together with a couple of fellow test takers, to meet their min. delivery order, he should be all set. Just checked and House of Thai now also delivers, so hubby should be all set!

        With regards to the Monk Room, I have heard mixed things, though have never gone myself. It is farther from the hotel than Hobby's so not walkable really, and they do not deliver.

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          all of these recs are solid. Monk Room is delightful. the pastas and pizzas are great and the place has charm.

          Hobby's is an institution. while known for their carnivorous offerings, they do have a fair number of veggie options. I was just there on Fri and a companion had a Veggie Rueben with grilled veggies that looked good. the spinach pie is also very good, i've had it in the past. I had a California salmon sandwich (cajun spiced salmon, avocado, fresh mozz, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and arugula w/herb mayo on seven grain). it was great. if you are looking for veggie and not necessarily light -- get a side of onion rings. they are ridiculously good.

          The Thai place mentioned above is also good. very flavorful and fresh. they offer about 6-8 options at lunch from a steam table setup. everything i've had has been very well prepared with good flavor and spice.

          Also add to the list Edison Ale House near Prudential Center. I would put it after the above mentioned options in order of preference, but it's decent pub food with a better beer selection than most neighborhood places in newark.

        2. Closest to the Robert Treat is Halsey Street area - across the park and one block. Green Chicpea is a Kosher Falafel spot, Nizi Sushi on Central Ave or Art Kitchen Cafe has some veg sandwiches.