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Jul 13, 2014 06:09 AM

I've eaten here and it was good! (I'll go first) Sweetwater (Boynton)

Sometimes I'd just like to look at this board and see a running list of worthy places to go and a short description of why it was good.

Cool atmosphere, great cocktails, interesting menu. Maybe the best brussels sprouts I've ever eaten. $10 all you can drink punch (with a punch)

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  1. I second that, Sweetwater is great.

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    1. re: Mat Josher

      Many thanks..will be in the area beginning December and always looking for good food (current favorites are Pizza Oceana and Buccan..)

    2. I dunno... strange beers on tap, and my wife ordered a lobster mac 'n cheese that was way to pungent. Not a good experience for us, haven't been back

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      1. re: dbarnard

        Can you explain further about the beers and why they were strange? Do you mean that they were not familiar to you?

        And what was wrong with the lobster..too much spicing?

        I will be heading to the area again in a few months and am always looking for good spots. This place looks interesting,, based on their online menu. Perhaps the clientele skews very young (??)

        What are your favorites in the general area--from Palm Beach south to Pompano?

        Thank you.

      2. Speaking of Sweetwater...

        I hear that Lauren DeShields, Exec Chef at Market 17 in Fort Lauderdale, is now Exec Chef here.

        According to her public LinkedIn bio, looks like she still may be "consulting" at M17...

        If anyone has the scoop, please update.

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        1. re: CFByrne

          If no one responds before then, I will try to ask her on Sunday at the Swank Farms dinner and report back.

          1. re: zook

            yes, please update as i am in this area....thank you.

          2. re: CFByrne

            I asked Chef DeShields tonight about this. She is still the chef at Market 17 and only consulted with Sweetwater about their menu.

            As an aside, the vegan Swank Farms dinner was terrific.

          3. Tanzy in Boca's Mizner Park...Had a delicious brunch, but most memorable were the drinks. My blood orange mimosa was like no other mimosa I'd ever had and my husband's "Tanzy Mary" was also superb. The Italian donuts and Pecan Burrata plate were wonderful. Haven't yet tried dinner, but looking forward to it!

            1. Soumah on Federal Highway just South of Palmetto Pk Rd is good. It was Anatolia in a previous life and then another Middle Eastern place but is now Lebanese and under new ownership. They've made the patio out back quite attractive though the restaurant inside could do with something to bring some atmosphere.

              Anyway, hummus and babaganoush were outstanding, kibbe delicious, - we had all kinds of appetizers rather than any entrees, but I was also there a month ago and the mixed grilled meats were very good. I believe they have half price wines 5-7pm nightly.