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Jul 13, 2014 02:47 AM

Hudson Valley - posting for a friend:)

What are the kosher options in this area - if any?!

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  1. There is a kosher pizza and falafel place in Hudson NY called Park Place Falafel and Pizza. They have a website. I was there a few years back and was happy to find a place that was certified kosher. They do have other items on the menu as well.

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    1. re: Maven123

      Thank you! Have passed it on...anyone else?

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        Following the posting guidelines of this board "If you're not certain a given restaurant passes muster, make inquiries and check up on what type of certification they have and where it's from (if you're so inclined, report that information back to us). " I have looked into the certification of this restaurant and I would like to report that information back.

        According to the restaurant website they are vegetarian kosher and halal. The restaurant is "supervised by Rabbi Daniel Fried of Congregation Anshe Emeth."

        Congregation Anshe Emeth is associated with the conservative movement.

        Please use this information to evaluate for yourselves whether you would like to go to this restaurant or not.

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          Follick thank you - good point! I have now passed on this info also:)

      2. The Hudson Valley is not an area that has observant communities of any scale, not even summer communities, as far as I know. Although last summer there was a Chabad food cart at Saratoga.

        Jews who eat only kosher foods stock up elsewhere (Albany or greater NY) and bring their own, or eat the sorts of things one can buy at at any American supermarket.

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          Thank you! At least they will now know...

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            It also depends how far up the valley you're talking about. if lower Putnam county, for example, then upper Westchester is a short drive and has a few options.

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              What options are there in Upper Westchester?

              1. re: tamarw

                A fair point now that Kisco closed. I guess the bagel shop in Scarsdale is the farthest north? Sad.

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                  Ha, that's not too far north considering that's about an 8 minute drive from New Rochelle. That's not really the Hudson Valley area though. Seems a bit further east.

                  Interesting that Mt. Kisco apparently houses an Orthodox shul (something I just learned about this weekend) but nothing at all kosher in the vicinity. I wonder how that works. It's a 30 minute drive from NewRo.

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                    All I know about Mt Kisco is that it's where the Neitra Yeshivah is, and has been since the 1950s. I suppose one can get kosher meals in its dining room, if necessary.

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                      The Nitras are an interesting bunch. But Mt. Kisco has a small shul that is unrelated. And an eruv as well. We looked into it when we were looking to leave the city and I was working in Somers. Back then, there was still a kosher deli in MK (Kisco Deli's original location), which I had a sandwich at once or twice. I recall it was an "open on shabbos" kind of place but it was about 11 or 12 years ago so I can't remember for sure. All the big markets carry fresh Empire chicken. Nearby Ossining has a relatively large conservative kosher keeping community and next door in Bedford Hills there is a kosher market/butcher.