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Jul 12, 2014 09:39 PM

From CA (SanFran) ... looking for great soul food in Harlem

Recommendations appreciated. Sylvia's seems too touristy. Want locals recommendation on great soul food in Harlem. Will be there in under 2 weeks - during the week. Looking for dinner recommendations either before/after the Apollo. Suggestions appreciated :)

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  1. You should post this request on the Manhattan board.

    1. Amy Ruths. Go very hungry.
      Or for a more posh version Red Rooster. Either way go for a drink afterwards at red rooster- its "the" hot spot in the area and they do have some great cocktails. Outdoor seating as well

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      1. Amy Ruth's was a great suggestion. I had the fried catfish (so sooo good), others had the baked catfish (not sure what that sauce was, but it was very good), and the oxtails (fabulous). Followed with Apollo's amateur nite, and then drinks, with people watching at the Red Rooster! Great Harlem experience .... thank you thank you :)

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          Thanks for the report- glad you enjoyed it!