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Jul 12, 2014 05:33 PM

Ideas for place to go for a week with kosher restaurants around, PLEASE!

My Mother and me (81 and 52) are planning to run away from Brooklyn in the end of August for few days to stay in some quite green surroundings within 1-2 hours driving distance from NYC. We were considering Monsey, because this is an only place I am familiar with (I live in Israel, my Mom in Brooklyn), but since I saw the post here that there are no good kosher restaurants around (the fact I was never aware of), we are now looking for an alternative. Should be quite, green, pleasant and withing short distance from glatt kosher food establishments. Does it exist?

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  1. I don't know where you got the idea that there are no kosher restaurants in and around Monsey. There are plenty. Shamash lists 23 places just in Monsey alone, not to mention nearby places such as Spring Valley. They may not be *good* restaurants, i.e. if a major purpose of your vacation is to enjoy eating out, then perhaps Monsey is not the best place to do that, and you should consider somewhere like Montreal. But if you're going on vacation and all you're concerned about is that you shouldn't have to shlep your food from Brooklyn, then Monsey should suit you just fine.

    1. Monsey has plenty of great kosher restaurants - you can also go upstate, to the Catskills, where (during the summer) there is kosher food aplenty. New Jersey might be an option, too - what about Teaneck or Lakewood? Or Deal/Asbury Park?

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        There was a thread recently in which it was claimed that there are no "good" restaurants in Monsey, and nobody challenged that. I assume that's why yzksn thought that if he and his mother go there they'd be stuck for food. But in the context it was about a place good enough to take guests.

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          Lakewood is not a place I'd recommend for a vacation.

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            Nor would I recommend Teaneck, especially if the plan is to "escape Brooklyn" for green surroundings.

            Montreal is lovely (although you'd never know it staying at the kosher hotel near the freeway) and has many kosher options.

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              Re: Montreal. It is a great vacation city with lots of green and lots to do. Important to be aware, though, that nearly all the kosher restaurants are concentrated in one small strip that is far from the downtown area.
              There is a supermarket, also far from downtown, which has a very large selection of kosher groceries as well as fresh meat and some takeout.
              I wrote a long post on Montreal last summer. Getting ready for work now so don't have time to look it up.

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                I know you're thousands of miles away and mean well (as others who have also mentioned it) BUT Montreal is nowhere close to within the 2 hour driving time from NYC that the OP requested.

                That leaves, Jersey, southern CT, Catskills and Rockland County. All of which can provide greenery and availability of kosher food.
                In CT there are beach communities with summer shuls and limited kosher restaurants within 30 minutes drive, and kosher groceries in ample supply at all the chain supermarkets. I know that Woodmont (known as bagel beach from the 1930s on) has an active shul (now run by Chabad) and loads of cottages and houses that are rented to NYers. Further east on the shore there is a summer shul on the beach in Old Lyme and another just west of New London. Kosher restaurants exist in Stamford, and New Haven, There are more than a dozen CT Stop and Shop Locations with in-store bakeries under kosher supervision. In West Haven (10 minutes from Woodmont, Shop-Rite carries a full line of glatt meat, deli, CY dairyand has a supervised bakery. The CT shore is close and cheaper than southern Jersey.

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                  Yes, I was surprised that Montreal was brought up as an option in the first place. considering the OP's specifications ... but since it was mentioned, I threw in a tidbit of info for anyone who might be considering going there.

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                    I love Montreal and have been going there for more than 50 years, but tried to get the thread back on focus, NY Metro area.

        2. You've thought of the Catskills? There are glatt restaurants. And it's green.

          If you want good restaurants, you might think about the nicer Long Island suburbs with glatt facilities, Great Neck and the Five Towns have nice restaurants, it's country-ish, and there are some nice, vacation things to do (visiting historic houses, museums, gardens, and driving further out the island to picturesque towns.)

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            there may be food in the Catskills, but I don't know if there is anywhere nice to stay. If you find somewhere, please pass it on.

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              True. Depending on who you know, it can be possible to borrow or lease a home at Vacation Village (glatt restaurant, attractive grounda) OP and his/her Mom sounded like the sort of people who might have the sort of connections to do this. You then drive along country roads to other restaurants. But although the take-out can be pretty great, I'm not sure that there are any really restaurants in the Catskills where the food is something you would write home about.

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                There are motels quite close to kosher food establishments. Monticelo has a few(Best Western, Super 8)

            2. If the ocean appeals to you, I'd look into Long Branch/Deal/Asbury Park in New Jersey. They're all near each other, and there are a number of kosher restaurants in the area, as well as well stocked kosher stores and supermarkets with kosher food.

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                Ocean Place is very nice, but not cheap this time of the year. Bungalow is not the place for your mom, small and much too noisy I would think.

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                  I thank you all who replied to this thread. Please DON'T STOP! I follow closely each reply and I think I am very close to the solution. Right now I am looking at very nice 2br cottage with a garden in north part of Smallwood, 5 min. drive and 30 min. walk from White Lake. It looks gorgeous on Google Maps and if my mother approves we will go there yi"h. Couldn't resist to share some pictures of the place published by an owner. Just hope it is real ;-). Will update you all on the outcomes. Thanks again! Hope this thread will help more yidn to find the best place for their summer retreat. SO DON'T STOP!

                  1. re: yzksn

                    Deal and environs would be my vote, if the beach appeals. Another beach option is Ventnor/Margate, just south of Atlantic City.
                    If mountain greenery is more your thing, then I think you're probably looking in the right place (near White Lake). Unfortunately, outside NYC/Teaneck, there are very few places (vacation or otherwise) with more than 2-3 kosher options in one place.

                    1. re: DeisCane

                      As for Monsey, you can rent a house here for a week or something, but I'm not sure how you can get a hold of that. There are some restaurants, but none are good and you'll be renting blindly so you may end up on a congested street in a house that isn't restful. Don't do it. You see, the issue for you is that you want peace and quiet and a bunch of kosher restaurants and that does not go together. Next time, if your mom is up to it, fly her to Vegas which I have reviewed here multiple times. There you have your scenery and your kosher and you don't ever have to walk into a casino if you don't want to. Another option if you are up for a long drive is New Hampshire. You would have your scenery. There's a condo resort called Loon Mountain where many frum people own or rent condos. They have a Shabbos minyan and--while they don't have kosher restaurants--there is a kosher grocery and takeout in Bethlehem. You and your mom will feel comfortable, but you'll have to drive 7 hours to get there.

                    2. re: yzksn

                      Okay. I was a bit busy with visiting day for my son in White Lake, btw. I would have replied earlier. Here's the deal. There were some cute cottages in White Lake, but I wouldn't necessarily trust anything. It sounds like you need to be with the members of the tribe. In that case, I would do one of three things:
                      1. gamble on White Lake, but do not commit to more than one or two nights in case it's a dump.
                      2. a sure thing and a "shore thing" would be to book the Sheraton Eatontown outside of Deal, NJ. Many frum people stay there (too many for me, thanks--just because I like my space from time to time, you know) and they have nice rooms and a pretty indoor-outdoor pool (connected) in case you would consider wearing a swimdress and swimming (many of the frum people do that at the hotel, makes me a little uncomfortable, but...)
                      It's not the green space you wanted, but it's 10 minutes from the Long Branch beach and the restaurants in Deal/Long Branch. You'll like that a lot. Plus there are shops on the boardwalk.
                      3. Book rooms at the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskills. You'll get the green space and the frum people, swimming, etc. And the food was really good the last time I was there. Rooms were renovated, but I can't tell you how they look as it's been a while. Your mom will probably love it.
                      Good luck!

                      1. re: cappucino

                        When were you in the Raleigh last? My son was there for a school shabbaton last November and was not exactly impressed. The rooms were nowhere near fixed up. The shul was so moldy that my son ,who has well controlled asthma, went through half an inhaler in 4 days. His friend's siddur was full of mold. He did say that they were in the process of fixing up the lobby. I would be leery.

                        1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                          a couple of years ago. it wasn't a luxury experience then either, but these people want heimish. you are describing something unacceptable. oh well. hopefully, they will get what they want.

                      2. re: yzksn

                        In Smallwood you are 15 minutes drive from Monticello (Simply Sushi, Catskills Bakery, and Pizza D'Pie), and 30 minutes from Woodbourne/Loch Sheldrake (Vacation Village, Dougie's, Uncle Mike's, Kosher Inn Dairy, Chalet Hotel, Izzy's Knish-Knosh, Fallsburg Bagels). You won't starve.

                        If a purpose of your vacation is to enjoy good restaurants, go somewhere else. But if the point of your query was merely to make sure you won't have to shlep food from Brooklyn, or live on peanut butter and tuna, rest assured, you can spend a whole week there and never eat more than twice in the same place. You'll only have to get take-away for Shabbat.

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                          By the way, here's the menu for Vacation Village:
                          Find dining this is not, but if you're in the area anyway, and you have to dine, it's just fine.

                        2. re: yzksn

                          If you're looking for beach, what about Long Beach/ Atlantic Beach in Long Island. It's a quick drive to the 5 towns which has many kosher restaurants. 5 towns- as far as I know- does not have any hotels.

                    3. You can check out Tannersville, NY, which is on the way to Hunter Mountain. There's a kosher grocery store, though no restaurants. But it is beautiful.