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Jul 12, 2014 04:33 PM


We are taking a family trip and renting a house in Praiano for a week. We'd love restaurant recommendations from anyone recently there- alot of the posts on the board are older.
Many thanks!

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  1. Where in Italy is Praiano located?

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      Amalfi Coast, between Amalfi and Positano.

    2. Are you looking for recommendations for Praiano itself, or neighboring towns as well?

      1. I stayed in Praiano last October. I stayed at Hotel Margherita and ate at their "ristorante Mama" twice, I has the Chefs menu and thoroughly enjoyed it both times, also the rooftop terrace setting is amazing.
        I also ate at Locanda Costa Diva, the food was good and the setting spectacular amidst lemon trees overlooking the sea.
        The other two places I ate and would recommend are Il Piarata and Trattoria Da Armandino, both down by La Praia beach, again good food and beautiful views.
        Hope this helps, I absolutely loved Praiano by the way, hope you have a great vacation!

        1. Ristorante Il Pino was easily my favorite meal in all of Italy, so much so that we ate there twice in three days. Its been four years, so I'm hoping that its still amazing!!

          1. I love Da Adolfo, which is in the little bay of Laurito between Positano and Praiano. A small boat leaves from Positano every 20 minutes or so. Just look for the boat with the little red fish.