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Jul 12, 2014 03:19 PM

Fish store/truck in driving distance of Sherman CT

We continue to miss Elliott's Fish Truck in New Milford.

Just got smoked scallops and fresh bluefish at the fish truck on 202, mid-way between New Milford and Litchfield. Really pricey and not as much local (Maine/Ma/CT) catch as we'd like.

Bought steamers the other day @ Stew Leonard's, which were quite good;and I like the guys in the fish dept. (you just have to brave the singing cows)

Cod @ the Sherman IGA, good but not brilliant.

Any tips on great fish stores/trucks not too far from Sherman CT? (will drive for wonderful, fresh fish!).

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  1. It's a bit of a trek from Sherman, but Number 1 Fish in Hamden always has excellent fresh fish.

    1. You'll find very fresh fish at Tony and Sons in the Oakville section of Watertown. They have a fleet of trucks, go to the sources daily and supply many of the markets and restaurants in this area.

      1. The places suggested sound great (thanks to post-ers).

        And I've found a place even closer--it's apparently been under our noses for seven years; and we had never heard word one about it.

        West Shore Seafood in Morris CT. They have a stand @ the Litchfield Farmers Market (how we discovered them).

        And a fish store and restaurant, where we had a great dinner. In-the-rough--picnic tables outside, paper plates, BYOB (they give you paper cups for the wine). Nice folks. And delicious shellfish--we're tough graders and gave the shrimp cocktail, steamed littlenecks, hot lobster roll, fried clams w/ bellies and fries solid A's.

        We've not tried buying fish from the fish store. But we intend to and promise to report back.

        And while the prices for the restaurant were reasonable, the fish store was higher (the restaurant doesn't serve the high-end kinds of fish that the market does--eg. swordfish or halibut).

        And we ended the evening by driving no more than 5 minutes to get ice cream @ Arethusa (sweet cream w/ dark chocolate for me, coffee for my husband--perfect all around!).

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          Glad to hear that. You fared better than we have there. Btw, Jim Barberie's, an old favorite restaurant on Padanarum Rd. in Danbury, has a lobster luncheon special on Wednesdays, $14.99 for a complete lunch.

          1. re: junescook

            Oh dear re West Shore Seafood. What was your experience?

            1. re: sundeck sue

              AS far as service is concerned, we were virtually ignored while the staff people were visiting with family/friends. We thought the portions were small for the prices charged. I think drinks out of the cooler were $3+. And given that you're eating on a clean-it-yourself picnic table, we didn't feel it was worth a return. But that was a couple of summers ago and though we go by fairly often we wouldn't go back unless we heard more reviews like yours, Sue.

              1. re: junescook

                Doesn't sound good. For what it's worth, the staff were on the ball the night we were there. Re beverages--we brought a bottle of wine, which made it seem esp. economical, since we weren't paying a restaurant mark-up.

                How was the food when you went?

                We thought the fried clams w/ bellies were perfectly fried (as good as The Clam Box in Ipswich or Arnold's on the Cape)--my husband, who's not a french fries guy, commented that the fries were nicely done--the lobster in the lobster roll, also cooked just right (so many places over-cook)--it was not a ton of lobster meat (when I make lobster rolls, I use a lobster per roll!)--but for a $15-ish (can't remember exact price), it felt like a fair amount of meat and very tasty.

          2. re: sundeck sue

            I worried a tad, reading Junescook's post re West Shore Seafood. And sure enough. We went back tonight. Not a happiness.

            The fried clams were still great. Ditto shrimp cocktail.

            But it took forever and a day to get our main courses.

            We got clam chowder, which wasn't very hot (we asked them to heat it up, which they did, cheerfully, but not apologetically). The broth was thick/gummy and under-salted (better than over....); and it wasn't very clammy. The fries with the fried clams, which last time were first-rate, were soggy. And maybe worst of all, the lobster roll was awful--not much lobster, too much butter, the main taste sensation: greasy.

            Go figure....

            1. re: sundeck sue

              Sue, I'm not sure where you're coming from or how far you feel like driving, but when we feel like having seafood and don't feel like driving down to the shore, we'll often go up to Crabby Al's in Thomaston. The food is good, the portions are generous, we've always had very good service (we go in for lunch and Tina has our drinks to us by the time we sit down), and the prices are reasonable. It's more fun to sit in the bar if you can, it has a blue-collar Cheers kind of atmosphere. Thursday evenings they have a raw bar where you pay by the piece. Weekend evenings it can be really busy. It's just about one block west of Rt 8, of the exit for rt 6 east.

              They have daily specials too.


              1. re: sundeck sue

                Btw, a few years back I printed out a restaurant . com coupon for a place called Joey's Seafood in New Milford and haven't used it. Have you tried that place and if so, how was it?

            2. If you're willing to drive to Westport, the Westfair Fish Market is excellent (on the Post Road [Rte.1] across from the S&S near the Fairfield line. The best I've found is the Bridgeport Lobster and Shellfish Market in East Bridgeport (drive daily in early AM to Boston for fish off the boats).Both may be a little far to drive, but worth trying for special occasions.