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Jul 12, 2014 12:31 PM

Bumper Crop of Thai Chilis!

Hey all! Our thai chili plant is thriving and we're harvesting by the handfuls. We already have dried bunches and were thinking about using some to infuse an alcohol (vodka? Tequila?) or pickling. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Smoke some of those dried chilies and then grind them to a powder. Add other dried chili peppers, to get the taste you want. This is my secret pepper powder I use year-round. A custom mix of smoked and dried peppers.

    Also, add some to vinegar and pop in the fridge. Endless uses for that. Try both cider and rice wine vinegar.

    1. You could make salted chilies; excellent in stir fries and keeps forever in the fridge. They freeze well; I pick up a batch when I can find them and have had them last a year or more. Chili jam? Great on crackers with cream cheese. Make a red curry paste; also keeps well in the freezer for a long time.

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      1. I've infused hot peppers in vodka and it makes a killer Bloody Mary. All I did was get a bottle of less expensive vodka, poured off about a cup, and filled the empty space with peppers. It sat in a cool, dark corner about three months. Then I strained out the peppers and put the vodka back in the bottle. I imagine tequila would work the same way.

        I also ferment hot peppers. When fermentation is over, blend up the peppers all the brine, and strain through a fine mesh strainer. Cut the juice with cider vinegar to your taste.

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          Started the vodka today! Huge Bloody Mary fan.

          How do you use your fermented peppers?

        2. i've never made it, but am intrigued by the "cowboy candy" idea.

          also, you could make some killer peach-chile salsa or thai chile pepper jelly!

          you could make "aji" vinegar sauce

          why not a chile pesto with cilantro, lime, sunflower seeds and a white cheese, to slather onto grilled corn?

          you could make an inside-out popper. wrap a seeded split chile in cream cheese, maybe some pancetta, then in a wonton skin to deep fry. what a little poppin' parcel surprise that would be! ;-).

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          1. re: alkapal

            Love these ideas! But these peppers are really, really, really spicy this year. One tiny one, de-seeded, can flame up an entire dish! But, I think that they could work in a thai chile pepper jelly or a classic aji or asian spicy vinegar.

            Thanks all!

            1. re: CalBear05

              I made some ghost chile pepper and habanero chile jelly a couple of years ago. Both were hotter than hell; delicious as a glaze on grilled meats (but too hot for toast 1st thing in the morning).