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Tea room near New Hope/Lambertville

I'm meeting a client and her daughter mid-afternoon next Friday and was hoping to find a place for tea. Any recommendations in the area?

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  1. Rojo's is the nicest and very client appropriate....problem is, almost all these places (including Rojo's) are coffee houses, not tea houses.

    I'm unfamiliar with any tea rooms in the area (the only place that lists itself as such is more of a place to get bulk tea).

    There's a good Lebanese restaurant, which I know has authentic teas, however, it's a restaurant not a tea house. Mahraba is the name.

    1. About 20 min away, in Hopewell, NJ, there's a place called 'Paint the Roses'. I've been by it many times but never gone in. I don't know any other tea rooms in the area.

      FYI, one of the best tea rooms in New Jersey, Teaberry's, is in Flemington but that may be too far for you to drive.


      1. The closest tea room I can think of is Teaberry's in Flemington, NJ.

        I haven't been in a few years, but if I recall their sandwiches and desserts were pretty good and the atmosphere was charming.


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          There is also Tea with an Accent in Yardley, I am not sure which is closer or more convenient, Flemington or Yardley.

        2. Try Caffe Galleria. Not a tea house per se, but a family owned restaurant, in a nice old mansion.

          1. The House of Coffee, in Peddler's Village (Lahaska, PA) is about six miles from Lambertville and has a nice selection of teas. Can get a bit crowded and there's no table service, so, if you're trying to impress a client, it may not be perfect, but if you just want to talk and sip tea and have a scone or other pastry, it's perfect.

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                Did not know this - very disappointing news. I still remember the first time I had coffee there. It was Guatemalan and boy, was it good!

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                  A loss for the area. Always enjoyed their scones, served warm with butter and jam. And, the wide choice of newspapers and magazines for browsing. Never felt rushed. Employed young people from the area, who were always helpful and courteous.

            1. Thanks to all. Clients and I have decided on Rojo's. I'll provide a review.

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                Rojo turned out to be a very convenient spot to meet my clients midway between Collegeville and Metuchen although the interior was not as expected. Much more a "working coffee shop," there were a few tables and a serving bar in an otherwise warehouse with 75-gallon drums of beans and a loud (but pleasantly aromatic) 1920's-era belt driven roasting machine. Iced latte's were good and I picked up what I thought were two one-pound bags of organic fair traded East Timor maubesse beans for $36 - which only turned out to be 12-oz.Oh, well....

                The trip also turned into a convenient segue to meet the GF for dinner at Nikolas at the Logan Inn but I'll save those disparaging remarks for another thread.