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Breakfast Burritos at Cofax

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I'm pretty happy with the breakfast burritos here--no hipster element in sight once you get the burrito. The potatoes are excellent, and it's worth the extra buck for avocado. The two salsas you get with it are excellent--the red salsa is quite spicy and smoky, and the tomatillo is expertly made. Nice alternating bites. This thing is also quite big. Total cost is 8 and change with the extra buck for Avocado. This area of town has no good breakfast burritos (everyone around here gets breakfast at Bagel Broker) so this is a nice alternative.

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  1. Supposedly taters are smoked. Related to golden state hi hopes here.

    1. Frank's right down the street also does an excellent Breakfast Burrito, FYI

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        i get em at frank's all the time....i like em but i gotta say a bit small....plancha has bigger ones more egg but no chorizo, just bacon...but i like the green salsa at franks and plancha.

        i love the seasoned rice that comes in the carnitas and other burritos at franks too. nice family operation.