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Jul 12, 2014 07:08 AM

Perfect Taste Grill-Buckingham

I don't see anything about this place on CH. Anyone been? There is a Groupon out today.

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  1. Glancing at the menu/website and reviews, I can't imagine worse. Might be fun to go to see how bad it is.

    1. This restaurant is a successor to one that was in Buckingham for a long time. It has a wood burning grill. It used to be Just Eats by Brown and Gold, then it became Cooperleaf now Perfect Taste. It is BYO. Have not heard great things about the new owners and new chefs. Have not personally been there. Perhaps FamDoc has.

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        FamDoc and I disagree on most restaurants. I looked at the address after posting and realized it was the same location. It is off my radar.