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Jul 12, 2014 04:56 AM

Mid Cape Cod 2014

I forgot to post last year, but we’re back with another review from two weeks on the mid Cape.

The typical configuration at each meal included my wife and me. We had a good mix of old ‘n familiar (I’ve been going to the mid Cape since 1970, and my wife since 1990), and places we haven’t eaten before.

A complicating factor is how we both now eat gluten free. Neither of us is gluten allergic, but we have found benefit to (mostly) limiting our gluten intake.

Overall, we would call the Cape restaurants very good, but not incredible. So keep that in mind as you read our highly subjective opinions!

5 – love; 4 – like; 3 – neutral; 2 – dislike; 1 - hate

Hangar B (Chatham) A creative and impressive breakfast. There are limited gluten free options, but the banana oat pancakes are tasty and filling, and for those not hiding from gluten, the chocolate croissant French toast is amazing. All that aside, given the skill shown by the chef I would love to see new items on the menu. 5

Lazy Lobster (Chatham) Another nice breakfast joint! Excellent home fries, interesting and tasty omelettes, and humongous pancakes. Friendly hosts. 4

Red Cottage Restaurant (Dennis) Can’t believe we’ve overlooked this for 36 years! Great, extensive menu and gluten free friendly. Surprisingly the corned beef hash and eggs were kinda’ bland, but the other meals were very good. 4

Grumpy’s (Dennis) A consistent, solid performer. Nothin’ fancy, just serving a good breakfast. 4

Sesuit Café (Clam shack, Dennis) Another consistent fave, year in year out. Definitely a quality clam shack. 5

The Impudent Oyster (Coastal, Chatham) A long-time solid performer, nice restaurant. Excellent (GF) menu, very good execution. My wife enjoyed her spicy peanut noodles and the pulled pork, and my Portuguese Mussels with linguica was also quite good. 4

Friendly Fisherman (Clam shack, Eastham) One more I’m ashamed not to have visited sooner. Of course I can’t have the lobster roll but the salad with lobster was a ton of lettuce and plenty of nicely prepped lobster. The fried items looked great – not at all greasy, light-looking batter. 4

Brewster Fish House (Coastal, Brewster) It is good, but it’s still not as good as years back. We feel a bit of attitude with the staff, and more of a “this is how we do it,” as opposed to any sense of customer sat. The dishes are a bit less imaginative than in the past. Still the steamed native mussels and a scallop special were tasty. 4

JT’s (Family Coastal, Brewster) I’ve always seen this place as an ok, down-and-dirty, basic. This year I ventured into grilled salmon with Caesar salad, and it was really good. Wife happy with fish ‘n chips. 3

Gerardi’s (Italian, Dennisport) One of our favorite meals of the trip. Even for a couple gluten free (avoidant) types like us, Gerardi’s was ready. They have their own brown rice flour pasta, and when accompanied by the puttanesca or white clam sauce you have one (well, two) very yummy meals. 5

Del Mar (Coastal, Chatham) My wife loved her short rib appetizer and steak salad. I thought the avocado and cucumber gazpacho was refreshing but bland; the seared tuna entrée was very good. Not really a family place, but that was fine since we didn’t have our family! 4

Local Break (Coastal, Eastham) Surprisingly good! This 3 year-old restaurant is tucked a bit out of sight on Rt 6. The décor and food aren’t aligned, but fortunately the food is the winner. We went a couple times, bringing friends the second time, and all were impressed. The meals were different, interesting (lobster in goat cheese and tomato sauce), not at all wacky, and done well. 4

The Oyster Company (Coastal, Dennisport) Their website advertises, “Come for the oysters,” but the food leaves the (forgettable) oysters in the dust. I had the Portuguese Paella and it had the fresh ingredients and taste things going on big time. My wife loved the broth in her Spicy Seared Chatham Little Necks, but the clams themselves were a bit rubbery. I look forward to going back, but will be interested to see if the inconsistencies continue. 4

Honorable mention: Oki (Japanese, Brewster) Our 18 year-old son, who is far more of a sushi aficionado than any 18 year-old really has a right to be (we’re big fans of Oishii Too in Sudbury), got takeout from here and called it better than most of the sushi he’s encountered. That’s a legit endorsement.

Red Face Jack’s Pub (Pub, Yarmouth) Yet another sports pub without an effective training program, as the trainer and trainee forgot part of my meal. What’s telling was that I didn’t mind. 1

Guapo’s (Mexican, Brewster) What a throwback! I’m reminded of the really bad East Coast Mexican restaurants of the 1970’s. Wow. No thanks. 1

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  1. Great reviews. Got here yesterday for the week and it's funny that as I was reading this my GFwas saying 'I have to take you to the Red Cottage for breakfast'.

    1. Great reviews. Thanks! You reminded of a few places I'd just plain forgotten about. I really like Local Break as well! Glad you found it. Heading back to the Cape tonight.

      1. Thanks -great reviews. The seared tuna at Del Mar is my "go to" entrée there. Will add Gerardi's and Local Break to my list of places to try.

        1. Thanks for the write up.
          We hit Del Mar in our last visit and enjoyed it very much; agree with your 4 rating for them.
          Glad to hear about the Lazy Lobster for breakfast; I'm always looking for good breakfast places (and I've touted the pumpkin pancakes at the Red Cottage on this site for years now!)

          1. On our way down to Chatham this year we wondered why we had never visited the Lazy Lobster. Looked up some reviews and it sounds good. Thanks for your review. Putting LL on the list for next year.

            We go to the Friendly Fisherman every year. According to my wife and moth-in-law, best lobster rolls they ever eaten. Their fired clams are good, although not as good as Arnold's, (imo)