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Jul 12, 2014 01:54 AM

Need Romanian pastrami fix

Any place making Pastrami with cracked coriander seed and black pepper, garlic rubbed. Pref. in SF

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    Can you clarify a bit how this differs from other types of pastrami?

    1. Romanian is navel rubbed with garlic, crusted with cracked black pepper and cracked coriander seed, then smoked. Saltpeter cure gave it the red color and helps the flavor. Not sure if that cure is legal in Ca,

      The local "pastrami" tends to lighter cuts of meat,w/o saltpeter and short -changes the dish with only black pepper -no coriander seed. Modeled on Turkish basturma
      It is served on durable gray sourdough cornrye (w or w/o caraway seed. Have never seen it here though many have tried. Not white, more delicate, Vienna rye,

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        OP might want to try the new "Montreal style smoked meat" popup at the Farmer's Market. I've never had it myself but if the marketing claims are true, it's closer to the style the OP is searching for and I believe has it's origins in Romania, which happens to be where Reuben Schwartz among others immigrated from. Same applies to Auggie's popup in Oakland. I can't speak to either from experience though.

      2. Has anyone tried the housemade pastrami at Lalime's in Berkeley? According to its instagram photo, the not-on-the-menu pastrami's available every night after 8pm.

        This might hew closer to Armenian basturma.

        1. The original comment has been removed