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Jul 12, 2014 12:44 AM

Guildwood recommendations


I'm moving to Guildwood from King West and would like some suggestions about good independent coffee shops and restaurants. I'm not interested in generic chain places.


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  1. Not exactly Guildwood, but there's a row of decent neighbourhood restaurants on Kingston Road half a block west of Midland - Aioli, Thai Naka and Gourmet Schnitzel House. A couple blocks farther west are Vi Pei and Duckworth's Fish and Chips (one of my three favourite F&C places in Toronto) None are worth driving across town for, but all are good for local dining. Now that I think of it, there's also a Vi Pei east of McCowan on Kingston Road, which I haven't been to.

    We do, however have a couple of outstanding shops in the area: Cliffside Hearth in the Cliffcrest Plaza at McCowan and Kingston Road has wonderful breads and desserts - I particularly like their cheese bread (to die for), raisin bread, baguettes, lemon tarts and prescription strength brownies. They also had wonderful hot cross buns around Easter time.

    The other is The Butcher Shop in the Silver Mile Plaza at Kingston Road and Markham Road. They have wonderful meats (I particularly like their huge chicken thighs and their rack of lamb (which you can also buy as individual "Frenched" chops). They also carry a wonderful multi-grain Mennonite bread (weekends only, I think) and Cliffside Hearth's baguettes and raisin bread.

    1. There is also Fratelli's that gets good feedback a bit east of Guildwood (Old Kingston Road / Highland Creek Overpass); and a second location on St. Clair / Victoria Park.