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Jul 11, 2014 09:38 PM

Cheep and cheerful Weekend Dim Sum

Hey there,
I have read quite a lot but somehow am still overwhelmed about all the different dim sum places around!
We are currently on Vacation in Toronto and would love to have a cheap and cheerful dim sum tomorrow for lunch!
We have a Car and are willing to Drive so its all about quality.
Some help would be appreciate so much!
Thanks a lot!

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  1. New Shanghai at 4675 Steeles Ave East. $2.6 for S,M,L if order before 1130AM. I had Shanghai Dim Sum there last Sunday. They have canto dim sum too.
    Global Imperial at north east corner of Sheppard East/Glen Watford drive hidden in the back. $2.9 for S,M,L. The place is huge.
    Landmark at McNicoll/Victoria Park Ave. $2.3 for S,M,L. Very busy on weekend. Go around 115pm.
    These 3 are cheap and cheerful for me. All charge for tea.
    If you want upscale and good service, lots of options in Richmond Hill & Markham.

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        I like the fried glutinous rice at Landmark. $5 for about 2-3 bowls.