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Jul 11, 2014 07:05 PM

Family gathering for a first birthday in CHI

Can anyone suggest a fun place that will stimulate a one year old, but still has good food? It's just my husband, my son, my mom, and my brother. First birthdays are super super huge deals in Korean culture, so I would like it to be a memorable experience for all of us, even if we don't go all out on the celebration - rice cake displays, lots of Korean food, etc etc...
We did make reservations for Rainforest Cafe. (Never been and never wanted to go, but we all felt like my almost one year old would have a blast there). He behaves well and enjoys being out in new places. I just want to try for a different option.

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  1. I cannot emphasize enough how bad the food is at Rainforest. (Also, some of the mechanical animals can be frightening for a child that young.)
    When my kid was a toddler, he would have a great time just being surrounded by family. So many interesting people to interact with. ;-> You don't have to rely on the restaurant for stimulation.
    Go to San Soo Gab San on N. Western Ave. for great food and a lively family atmosphere.