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A Gourmand With Cash Flow Issues

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  • tpix Jul 11, 2014 02:33 PM
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Alas... I am a man with Champagne tastes on a beer budget. Perhaps Portland is the place for me ? I'll try not to overstay my welcome. I will be visiting the last week of August, and I'm looking for (1)- interesting local cuisine which does not break the bank, and/or (2) Happy Hour dining deals. Oyster Happy Hour Deals are especially desirable. I checked this board and the last mention of Oyster Happy Hours was in 2010. Have things changed in 4 years?
Thanks for any guidance...

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  1. Look seven threads down.

    1. Got it... thanks.. Any one have thoughts on #1?

      1. Here are a couple of reputable if a tiny bit it of date links.



        1. Tanuki (read up on it, it isn't for everyone), Mi Mero Mole, Sunshine Tavern, Apizza Scholls, Nong's Khao Man Gai, Boke Bowl (though I think it is not a great value for what you get), Pok Pok (ditto), Boxer Ramen, Cibo, Podnah's/La Taq, PaaDee, Firehouse, Uno Mas, Bollywood Theater, Ate-oh-Ate.

          Great Happy Hours:
          Both Tasty & Sons and Tasty & Alder: http://tastyntasty.com/
          http://rumclubpdx.com/menus/happy_hour (more for the drinks - it is a GREAT bar, a fave among industry folks

          And yeah, check the recent thread for my oyster info - basically EaT has $1 oysters (and some that cost more, too) every Tuesday (also great frog legs). I'd start there and have some oysters and then head to Lincoln for their happy hour or Tasty & Sons for theirs (one is in one direction down the block, one is in the other, but they are all, technically, in the same building - different storefronts with a common hallway inside).

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            The poster that went to EaT recently said that their deal now is that selected oysters are 6 for $8. Still a great deal and about half price of the going rate in town.

            But sad to see $1 oysters go...

          2. I have not been but have read hungrily about the big food pod scene there:


            1. Oysters: Eat Oyster Bar is the first place that comes to mind for affordability. Block & Tackle is my favorite spot; they're not cheap though, even at happy hour you're talking $2 and up.

              The best oysters I've had in the last month or so were from New Zealand. They were served next to a dozen PNW Shigokus and they blew them away in both taste and texture. I think that myth of summer oysters not being safe to eat has been put to bed. But quality-wise, November - June is your sweet spot IMHO. Probably not what you want to hear seeing as how you'll be here in August, but something to consider before throwing down cash on a feast...

              Enjoy Portland!

              1. For cheap food with a local flair there is always the entire food cart scene. It is well documented and there are websites dedicated to tracking the entire city and all the carts.

                I love Waffle Window, not a cart per se but a great place to get a good breakfast for a few bucks.