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Jul 11, 2014 02:05 PM

Offaly good: how many of these "daring" dishes have you tried in Vancouver?

I've had seven of the 20 as listed and of course I've tried some of these items elsewhere.

I think the pork heart at Alvin Garden is better than the kidneys. But I do loves me some fire exploded kidneys when well prepped!

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  1. I can eat all of those on that list, I'm just an offal guy ;-)

    LOVE "exploded pork kidneys" :-D "The Place" Restaurant in Marpole served up a good dish the last time I was there ..... a plate of that to myself, a heaping bowl of plain rice (or couple of steamed rolls) and some ice cold Tsingtaos (when in Rome .....) and I'm happy happy happy:


    1. Sigh...I would love to try them all although I've eaten most of those things at various other places. I miss Vancouver and my fellow hounds. :(

      1. What the article seems to have missed the point (or did not articulate well), is that ALL Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese and many Hispanic restaurants offer dishes made with some form of offal. Japanese restaurants not so much unless the items are robata/yakitori. I'd hate to think many readers of the article will be misled to think those are the only (or the best) restaurants that offer them. Glad to see Fmed and Christina Tsang having been the advisors to the author, but IMHO the author should have provided a larger cultural context to offals and their availability in Metro Van.

        I dream of an offal food truck ........

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          Hi LR,

          Thanks for the comments. I can't speak on fmed's behalf but I can address my contribution to the list. The goal of the list was just to bring attention to Vancouverites, that there are restaurants that offer unusual cuts of meat or weird meats on their menus as a part of's larger Meat Week theme. It was not meant to be a "Best of List" but just an awareness piece.

          The piece just ended up being offal focused as in terms of mainstream Western dining, offal are very unusual.

          This actually caused some headaches as some of the dishes listed, I don't think are unusual, e.g. Gizzards are must at Zakkushi. I had to think not like a chowhound but like a person who likes great food but grew up eating steak and potatoes.

          Fmed and I wanted to diversify the list as much as possible to show that with the exception of the USA & Canada, offal is actually very common around the world. There is a perception only Asian cultures eat offal and in Vancouver, due to concentration, Chinese restaurants are the only ones that routinely offer it.

          I also wanted to make sure that the item was available to the public so that if they do take up the challenge they weren't disappointed that it was not there on the menu.

          This was also difficult. As we all know, Chinese Restaurants are notorious for not have menus online and having a lot of hand written specials plastered on their walls. This does not help non-Chinese readers.

          Depending on the response of piece, may want to run a "Best Offal" list and I suspect the list may look a little different.