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Mixing apples and oranges

I'd like to use both these fruits in roughly equal amounts in a salad. Is there a dressing that is good with both?
Or a cooked dish that would use both?

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  1. How about a basil and honey vinaigrette?

    1. Altho the oranges are sweet in flavor they have the acid needed to keep the apple slices from turning brown. I would use extra virgin olive oil together with the 2 fruits in the salad.

      Saying that, you must be told that I've been married to my wife of Italian descent for 54+ years, hence the olive oil.

      Buon appetito!

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        54 years! Congrats! Just passed 24. I'm impressed.

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          I'm also impressed that she has put up with me this long. Altho my ancestors were not Italian, I am the risotto cook and I grow the tomatoes that are used for "insalata caprese."

      2. I'd head toward a sweet sour cream or yogurt dressing.

        1. Honey poppyseed dressing with a variety of bitter greens.

          1. Regardless of how you mix them, take care not to compare them. People get all bent when you try to compare them.

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            1. Honey mustard dressing would work. I think a bitter green like frisee would complement the flavors nicely. If you want to economize, look for a head of chicory that has a large, light green interior and use just that part. It's VERY similar to the much spendier frisee.

              1. Thanks for all these answers. Several mentions of honey, and I'm glad to have greens suggestions too.
                I'll experiment ! Apples and oranges, not la de dah but deserving of respect as solid basic fruits.

                1. Favorite comfort food from childhood. Equal amounts of apples, oranges and bananas cut into about the same sized pieces and simply sprinkled and tossed with a little sugar

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                    Lovely. I remember bananas in a bowl with just milk and sugar too.

                  2. I agree with others about adding greens, celery could be a nice addition as well.
                    A lemon vinegrette with lots of black pepper would be nice.

                    For salads people underestimate how important the shapes and textures are. To add interest use a granny smith or more acidic apple that is cut in small cubes, a sweeter firm apple that is shaved on the mandoline, chopped chewy dried apple, whole segments of clementines, smaller chunks of tangerines or navel oranges.
                    I would add some nuts as well, just a sprinkle of sliced almonds or chopped pecans for another texture in there.

                    1. Mix 2 parts Umeboshi vinegar with 1 part light maple syrup.

                      Drizzle over your fruit salad, garnish with some chopped roasted and salted nuts and you're good to go.

                      1. equal amounts by weight, or volume?
                        is shape important?

                        1. Just plain yogurt with any fresh-fruit salad, for me.