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Jul 11, 2014 07:29 AM

Chow-worthy places in Wiimington Riverfront?

Or nearby?

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  1. Iron Hill brewery is pretty good. Harr's seafood Grill has beautiful views and very good though expensive food.

    1. I also like Big Fish in addition to the aforementioned.

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          On the Philly board, Wilmington, DE is the only Wilmington that belongs.

          1. re: CindyJ

            Actually, Wilmington, DE belongs on the Mid-Atlantic Board.

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              Wilmington is covered here on the Philadelphia board (though we're fine with people asking about it on the Mid-Atlantic board, too, if they prefer.)

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                Might be helpful to note that in the Board description, no?

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                  It does. It says, "including Wilmington and Camden." That would be Camden New Jersey.

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                    Just says Philadelphia at the top of this page...

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                      Not to beat this to death but my page says:

                      "Discuss the best restaurants and food in Philadelphia (inc. Wilmington, Camden) RSS:"

        2. I enjoyed Moro restaurant. It's small plates and quite inventive. Foodie approved, great wine list. The chef is serious about his cheese selection, as well.

          It's not on the Riverfont, rather tucked into town.

          Nothing chow-worthy on the Riverfront, IME. Basically, standard to upscale dining.

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            I agree that there is not much chow-worthy on the Riverfront, although if you like Thai, you can get decent (not fabulous) Thai food at Ubon Jeenwong. Iron Hill is a regional chain that's not all that exciting but has a voluminous menu that will have something for everyone.

            Harry's Seafood is OK but the food is nowhere near as good as the prices would imply. Aim low if you don't want to be disappointed.

            I have become quite partial to Pochi Wine Bar (Chilean) in downtown Wilmington, 5 minutes from the riverfront. Moro is also very good.

          2. Can someone help me out! I'm looking for a reasonable family restaurant located in Wilmington, nothing deep fried please.

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            1. re: frankbjj1234

              What do you mean by family restaurant?

              1. re: frankbjj1234

                Do a search for Wilmington or Delaware on this board and the Mid-Atlantic board (there are probably more threads on the latter board). There are many threads with good ideas. It would also help if you defined "reasonable."