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Jul 11, 2014 12:31 AM

Picking Cheese?

I am going back to asia on an international flight and would like to bring some cheese back for my family who requested it. What cheese would you recommend from whole foods that can be kept in my luggage for long hours and for people who never tried real cheese before? Additional tips on how to packed it properly in my luggage would be great!

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  1. We just returned from a trip to HK. We wrapped two loaves in ice packs -- (chiropractic pouches, really) and hand carried it.

    Checked luggage might have to sit out in the sun, and you don't want to risk that!

    They traveled well. However, I felt the cheese was a little moist -- but my friends never noticed it. Probably would be prudent to double wrap the cheese in ziplock bags.

    We purchased the aged gouda from Grocery Outlet. Our friends are very adventurous, but you might be taking a risk here. I think a hard cheese would travel better.

    Bon Voyage! If you are in HK and looking for a good, cheap, quick meal, try Tsui Wah. Amazing noodles! They are even at the HK airport.

    1. Napa Spy is correct: hard cheeses should travel fine (cheese was invented millennia before refrigeration!). A lot of people vacuum seal cheese for travel, but that causes the wetness (from condensation) that Napa Spy noted. Cheese does not have to be vacuum-sealed to travel. Cheese travels best wrapped in cheese paper inside a loose plastic bag so it can breathe.

      If you're planning on buying from Whole Foods I suggest you ask them, since there are a lot of variables (do you want a locally made cheese, for example). You can even taste them and see if you think your family will like it.

      Finally, don't forget to check the policies of the country you're going to for bringing in food products.

      1. On further reflection, it might just be the humidity of the destination country. Notice how it can be sweltering in the Bay Area, but one does not sweat?

        Try HK, Manila, Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. etc. Been there, done that.

        You sweat like a pig! So does the cheese, I guess.
        Anyway, the folks there would not know.

        Ruth L is right....wrap the (hard) cheese so it can breathe, and hand carry it.