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Jul 10, 2014 07:11 PM

Romantic Restaurant in west LA?

Looking for a romantic, nice restaurant for an anniversary dinner. We'll be staying in the Marina Del Rey/Venice area, but certainly wouldn't mind a bit of a drive for a great place. We're not familiar with the area so any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Very open on type of cuisine...looking for a great dinning experience more than anything.

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      1. re: Thor123

        Can one really do Capo at 150 for two?

        I suppose if you ordered for one, and shared everything between the two of you.

        Sort of romantic in an "Al Bundy takes out Peg" kind of way, I suppose.

      2. Contrary to what another posted, it is possible to dine at Capo for $150 if you only order wine by the glass or one cocktail pp. Capo's wine prices are over the top.
        If you are looking for a romantic restaurant with attentive, professional service and wonderful food in your designated area, then you will adore Capo. Capo is a very romantic restaurant.

        1. Capo seems really tough at $150, even before alcohol, if you want to order meat or seafood. It's been a while since I was there but my recollection is the steaks run in the $50s and most of the apps in the $20s.

          If Italian interests you, this recent thread has lots of ideas.

          1. Don't know if your budget is all in, including tax, tip, alcohol, valet....

            If not, you can probably do the omakase at Nobu Malibu and squeak in just above $150...... Most beautiful restaurant in LA right on the beach.

            If that's not an option, you can go to Geoffrey's further up the coast from Nobu...very nice setting, much more reasonable prices, but honestly I haven't been back in years, so I cannot say if the food is still decent. It was when we went but that was quite a few years ago, perhaps some other hounds who have been there more recently can chime in.

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