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Jul 10, 2014 05:34 PM

Do you know of great weekly specials which a restaurant runs on a particular day of the week?

Quite often, when thinking about where I might want to eat during the week, I wonder where in our great big city, that night, be it a Monday or Tuesday or whatever, some restaurant is running a daily special that night that I am not aware of. I am not speaking of a daily special in the sense of "tonight we have sea bass on the menu". I am thinking about a restaurant that has a special on a certain day of the week, every week. Kind of like the Tuesday Taco night concept, but expanded for every kind of food. By way of example, I believe there is a restaurant on Westwood that one day a week has all you can eat mussels frite. That kind of thing. I am posting this on a Thursday, and wondering if somewhere some restaurant has a great or interesting Thursday deal. If you are aware of a list, or of a restaurant that has one that you can recommend, please share. Here's one: Monday is $1.00 taco night at Barragans, and they are good tacos (IMHO).

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  1. You should know this one, Bruin2:

    Every Monday night, if you buy a large pizza at Lamonica's NY Pizza in Westwood, you get a 2nd pizza (equal or lesser value) for FREE!!!

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        Don Felix in Mar Vista does Taco Tuesday.

        They make their tacos with fresh tortillas, too.

      2. Taco Tuesdays at Hiatus Urban BBQ!

        1. Lucques Sunday Supper on Sundays

          The Park $5 Burger Nights on Wednesdays

          1. Superba Food + Bread Fried Chicken Dinner $20 Sunday's only.

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              I think it's only fair to give attribution to posted photos that you did not take (unless you are Joshua Lurie of FoodGPS blog fame)