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Jul 10, 2014 03:01 PM

Khao Kang in Elmhurst?

Anyone tried this Thai steam-table place near Ayada?

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  1. My favorite Thai in the city. Very casual, home style. 3 dishes over rice for $8.15 after tax. Complimentary self service lemon water

    1. Good place. Go for the Hor Mok (Sundays only) and the stewed pork belly.

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        Thanks, Polecat. It's nice to get actual recommended dishes.
        I'll definitely try it on a Sunday for the Hor Mok.
        That corner is "Little Thailand" with Ayada, Spicy Shallot, and Tea Cup, not to mention the Mai Thai Liquor Store

        1. re: el jefe

          And Sugar Club is not that far up Broadway.

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            Also, Pata Paplean, the funky little bar next door to Tea Cup, serves up some formidable noodle soups on the weekends. 4 bucks each. One bowl's a snack, two's a meal. The tom yum is excellent.

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              To the left of Tea Cup a few doors is a small but good Thai market similar to Sugar Club.

          2. I did take out this winter, two dishes that long siting on a steam table would not hurt, the stewed pork belly w/ tofu and a bamboo shoot dish. Both nice, but their business card is really fantastic.

            1. yah i read this review and was thinking the same thing...sounded good

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                Lau trust me its outstanding

              2. Excellent little spot. Took everyone's advise and hit the place on Saturday. For someone like me that loves Thai curry and always has a hard time deciding which one to choose, this was heaven. I had three:
                1. Panang Curry with pork. Mild and classic panang curry taste.
                2. Green with little slices of eggplant and chicken on the bone with skin, cut into small bite sized pieces. Incendiary and delicious.
                3. Sour curry. Can't remember the last time I had the stones to order this one. It came as the NYT article points out, in its own styrofoam cup. Beads of sweat rapidly formed. It had large slices of a yellow (stained from the curry?) vegetable, no idea what it was. What is beyond incendiary? I don't know but this is it.

                As I walked in another customer leaving had a beer in a bag. He told me that they didn't say a word about it to him. I then grabbed a beer from the bodega a few doors down.
                This place easily slides into the Thai rotation, particularly when I'm feeling like a curry is what I need. And when I feel cheap.