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Jul 10, 2014 02:02 PM

Pho Yum (Albany) . . .and then there were two

I went to Pho Yum in Albany recently.

I have never been to My Linh's (now Pho Yum) or Pho Yum (Colonie). Also never been to Vietnam, though I've had Vietnamese food before.

The menu has (you check off what you want):

Pho Soup
Bun Vermicelli
Banh Mi Sandwich
Rice Plates
My linh Summer rolls

All of the above offer a "build your own" option.

Beverages & Dessert

I started with shrimp summer rolls. Very good. Had lettuce and cucumber which had not been in summer rolls I've had elsewhere. I do not know what is authentic.

I also had Pho for the first time. I had tofu and vegetables. Broccoli, snow peas, etc. A few large pieces of tofu. I topped it with the fresh sprouts and mint that arrived on a platter before my large bowl of Pho did. There were also two sauces, one was hot.

A good casual lunch spot in Albany. Service was fine (host and server were the same).


Pho Yum (Colonie):

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  1. Thanks for the report! I have business travel in the area soon, and two of my favorite foods are pho and bahn mi. Guess what's going on my itinerary..... :)