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Jul 10, 2014 01:56 PM

Best 'early morning' weekday brunch downtown?

Can anyone recommend a few really good breakfast spots downtown, that serve more than just greasy eggs and hash browns and are open by 8am or earlier?

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  1. School in Liberty Village....

      1. I've enjoyed the eggs benedict and the duck confit hash at Cafe Boulud in the Four Seasons in Yorkville. That being said, it is a little overpriced, and the eggs benedict doesn't come with any sides. Cafe Boulud takes reservations through OpenTable

        Epic in the Royal York opens at 7 am for breakfast

        Bar Centrale near Summerhill Station opens at 8 am Mon-Fri.

        For a cheaper interesting breakfast, I like the huevos divorciados at Easy on College St.
        Edit: Just realized Easy doesn't open until 9 am

        You might find some ideas in this recent Weekday Breakfast thread: