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Jul 10, 2014 12:12 PM

Religious-based food events or restaurants, GTA and beyond

Hounds seem to be quite familiar with traditional and modern halal and kosher foods in the GTA. In addition, I have often eaten Sikh food at Brampton's gurdwara langar community kitchens (free vegetarian food shared with anyone who visits), and Hindu veg food (during and after pooja/puja ceremonies in people's homes) but what intrigues me is finding foods and eateries of other faiths (Christian (Protestant, Catholic or Orthodox), Baha'i, Hare Krishna, Buddhist, etc.) What got me thinking about this topic was Twin Fish Thai Christian restaurant in Peel region and considering what makes it Christian (none of the stereotypes apply!). Help me find good food (chow-worthy) that celebrates faith and religious belief (but is open to non-believers). Any festivals or house of worship-based bazaars also welcome.

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  1. Sidetracking a bit but what about Trappist beers at Sin and Redemption on McCaul?

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      Or Burgers Priest for burgers? :-)

      1. re: foodyDudey

        Cute. That covers Protestant Christian. :)

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          Holy Chuck seems to be a close second on some of their delicious offerings.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            It's only Catholic if you don't enjoy it.

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                Martin Luther also liked his beer. Some beer is Lutheran. Esp the Lutheran Monk Brewery's beer.

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                  This explains why Catholics have most agreement with Lutherans in official ecumenical dialogue.

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              I found a statue of St. Jude with a candle on the bar at a new Mexican-French brunch restaurant Huevos Gourmet in New Toronto. St. Jude is patron of impossible causes (he intercedes when you're desperate). Kind of fitting for a restaurant that opened in another failed restaurant space.

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                Incidentally, all their table tops are photos of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. (This place is otherwise clearly Mexican, though. Some very decent huevos rancheros on the menu.)

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                  They added St. Therese of Lisieux to the bar. Must be needing extra prayers during a slow summer!

                  This made me think of all the buddhas and bodhisatvas at Thai restaurants. I wonder how respectful or disrespectful it seems to practicing buddhists to see their role models on display presumably as decor. Incidentally, using saints to watch over a space is different to mere decor.

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                  Had brunch on Sunday after Mass at St. Patrick's -- many menu items have religious pun or theme names. Not great food. But stellar beer list and Trappist section. Ordered a gueuze.

                3. St John's Festival is on this weekend (July 11th, 12th, 13th), at St John's Greek Orthodox Church on Warden in Scarborough.

                  $10 admission (Food and drink are not included in admission price, but reasonably priced)
                  Greek food (souvlaki, spanakopita, pastitso, loukamades, other sweets), along with Greek music and dancing. Open to everyone, but the crowd tends to be mostly Greek.

                  Greek church festivals are held at various Greek Orthodox churches throughout the summer. Different weekends for different saints in the Orthodox Church.

                  Also, the Christkindlmarkt (the TO version is held in the Distillery District at Christmas time) was originally based on faith, even if it's become increasingly commercialized and mostly secular at this point in time. Some Xmas baked good trivia: The shape of Stollen is modelled after the shape of Baby Jesus swaddled in cloth.

                  1. Feel free to add halal, kosher, hindu and sikh food ideas on this thread - don't limit to the OP request. :)

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                      The syrupy sweets on Gerrard St are pretty amazing during Diwali. Not sure what they're called, though!

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                            Once I had homemade jalebis at a Diwali house puja/party, I was spoiled for life. Imagine funnel cake made fresh, with just a hint of sweet syrup on top. Heaven indeed.

                    2. Since Ramadan is in full swing you are welcome to drop by almost any Mosque or Islamic Centre across the GTA for the sunset meal called Iftar, literally 'breaking of the fast' or break-fast lol.

                      There are free community meals daily at Mosques, or there are even opportunities to visit homes for home-cooked meals. Several great initiatives out there as outlined below.




                      1. Good idea for a thread. I am always curious about various "church sales" of food/etc. Often see signs for bake sales and other ethnic food but never gone.