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Jul 10, 2014 11:48 AM

And yet another list: Burritos

I don't think this was posted elsewhere here, if so, apologies.

Los Angeles is seriously underrepresented, but it takes the top spot, and I approve that message.

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  1. that chile relleno burrito looks nice -- I also like the version at gilberts.

    but do you think we're more of a taco town? maybe we can throw a bone to poor SF or SD on the burritos? seems we got them beat nearly everywhere else

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    1. re: jessejames

      I've only had it once so it could be a fluke but, I didn't care for it at all. Nor have I cared for anything else that I've had there other than their tortillas which are fantastic.

      1. re: JAB

        that chile relleno (ne "Fernando's") burrito at gilberts is craveworthy.

      2. re: jessejames

        I agree that we might be more of a taco town. (Though my own percentage of sampling the recent "top tacos" lists is rather sad.) I've always maintained that SF has the best burritos. SD; meh, I have yet to taste one that's worthy. The #35 on that list looks good, though.

        But to have multiple representatives from not just NY, but CHICAGO?! And only ONE from only L.A.? That's just wrong.

        Yuca's should be there. So should be the chile verde or chile relleno from Johnny's in L.A. adjacent Ventura. (I currently have half dozen of each frozen in my fridge.)

        Again, although I might quibble, I really can't argue with the Azteca chile relleno at #1.

        You should try it. And I should try Gilbert's.

          1. re: jessejames

            Did a thing about it here. Long story, but the review is realz.

            1. re: jesstifer

              Nice stuff. The siren song of pork part especially. Thanks for sharing.

          2. re: jesstifer

            Chicago has a large Mexican population.

        1. I don't trust any list that has New York listed that many times for Mexican food.

            1. Thanks jess! I think that the chile relleno burrito from La Azteca looks good - will have to try it. Most of those burritos did not make my mouth water. I did have the green chile from The Shed in Santa Fe when I was there in April and it is really, really good. Did not have the burrito tho. The one from all of these that made my mouth instantly water was the pic of the Al Pastor burrito from La Tapatia in SF. Yum!