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Jul 10, 2014 11:10 AM

Whale in Kyoto

Where to go? I am particularly keen on trying sashimi from the tail of the whale. It is the most fatty and best tasting part. I am from Norway. Here we also hunt whale. My local sushi chef (from Hong Kong) sometimes serve this Kujira sashimi from the tail of the whale. He jokingly calls it Kobe Kujira. The best parts are marbled with fat about the same degree as an A5 Waguy steak. It tastes heavenly with slices of roast garlic and soy sauce.

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  1. Tabelog has a whale category, although Komagata Dojo that scores relatively highly there is really a place for loaches.

    Also, you could probably see if one of the kaiseki places would feature whale upon request. Yesterday I had an excellent dish of whale lardo hotpot at Ishikawa.

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      Thanks, Gargle. Since what I am really looking for is sashimi from the whale tail as part of a whale kaiseki meal it would probably be best as you suggest to ask one of the kaiseki restaurants if they can attend to my request on order. It is probably hard to find somewhere that will have this as a regular kaiseki menu. The question then would again be where should I make this request to have a chance to make it a reality? I don't want to put aside the normal kaiseki servings at the kaiseki restaurants I have already put up on my list in Kyoto. I need this to be a different kaiseki restaurant.

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        Thank you very much, Gargle. This is however a list for Tokyo. I am looking for a whale restaurante in Kyoto. In Tokyo I would have prefered to go to Sushi Nojima for whale sashimi.

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          Sorry, didn't notice this was for Kyoto. I don't know the scene there very well but my gut feeling would be that it's much easier to get someone to serve you a whale course in Tokyo. (or just buy it in the market and eat it ;))

      2. Btw, it's in Osaka, but it's a pretty quick ride from Tokyo, receives very high scores on tabelog and serves some terrific looking whale dishes:

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          From the pictures on tabelog it seems that they have onomi sashimi too. I will really consider that.

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            It would be a really quick trip--about 30 minutes on Hankyu Limited Express from downtown Kyoto (kawaramachi or karasuma station) to Umeda Station (last stop, so you can't miss it), then a quick cab ride to the restaurant. Or if you take JR, about the same amount of time from Kyoto Station to Osaka Station and an even quicker cab ride. I wouldn't take the shinkansen because it will only take you to ShinOsaka and then you'd have to transfer to get to Osaka Station.

            You may as well. It's on your list, and it's definitely do-able.

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              Oh, I see I wrote "quick ride from Tokyo". Kyoto, of course!

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                I actually understood that was what you meant. Thanks for the info. It is very valuable to me.

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                  yeah, but it was easy to figure out what you meant. :-)

                  It is a really quick trip, so if it were on my bucket list, I would certainly make an effort to go.