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Fifty Seven great place for veggie lovers

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Restaurant 57 is located in the Arts District of Downtown LA. Every season they showcase a different chef from around the country.
Their current chef is Josh Drew. He has worked at some great kitchens such as Verti and Quince. Their menu was divided into share plates, market plates, cheese, meat, fish and dessert. Our selection was mostly form the market section, because I love Farmers Markets and I found the combinations interesting. Service was very slow at the beginning. It took at least 10 minutes for somebody to approach our table, but once she got to our table, she was informative. It will be interesting to see who will be the next chef.

We had the following:
Parker House Rolls
Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Local Honey, Chiles
The rolls were buttery and went well with the briny Uni. The sweetness from Honey and the heat from the Chiles were welcoming flavors to this dish.
Wild Spot Prawns A La Plancha
Buttermilk, Grilled Black Kale Pesto
We loved the perfectly grilled Spot Prawns. The Grilled Black Kale Pesto was a little on a bitter side, but very addicting.
Robada Apricots // From Frog Hollow Farm with Red Dandelion, Sunflower Seeds
The Apricots were at their pick and very juicy. The Red Dandelion was very bitter but it was balanced with the creamy Tahini and crunchy Sunflower Seeds.
Persian Cucumbers // From Flora Bella Farm with Mulberries, Crème fraîche, Maggie’s Mint
A lovely dish. I got this dish mostly because of our love for Mulberries. The Cucumbers were crunchy and came in various shapes. Crème fraîche gave the dish a tangy flavor and the beautiful Mulberries sweetness. Our favorite, Maggie’s Mint, was refreshing in this dish. I am definitely making this dish.
Albion Strawberries // From Rutiz Farm with Romanesco Cauliflower, Dill, Horseradish
I loved this dish and have already recreated it. The Strawberries were sweet and luscious. Romanesco Cauliflower seemed to have been gently grilled. The Horseradish gave it a little kick and dill a nice herby note.
Porcini Mushrooms // From Oregon with Crimson Lady Peaches, Aceto Balsamico Di Monticello
This was our favorite dish. I haven’t had great Porcinis like this since our travel to Italy a few years ago. The Porcini was full of flavor and had a meaty taste. The roasted Peach was sweet and a perfect partner for Porcini. Aceto Balsamico Di Monticello gave it a nice acidity and sweetness. Amazing dish and a must.
Black Mission Fig Pavlova // Dark chocolate Meringue, Crème fraîche, Espresso-Caramel Ice Cream
A nice way of finishing our meal. The pavlova was perfect. A hard outer shell with a chewy center. The Black Mission Figs were sandwiched betwwen the dark Chocolate Meringue. The Espresso-Caramel Ice Cream was a perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

Considering how close this place is to Bestia, as we were leaving I joked that we should stop there for my favorite Saffron and Sausage pasta!!
You can see the pictures at:

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  1. Great review! Everything looks superb.

    What was the vibe like in there? I've been really curious how a place keeps its identity and has a new chef every month and has a concert hall in the basement?

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      Thank you. The ambiance was rustic, contemporary and on the dark side. Not a good place for taking pictures. We go there around 6:15 and even though the place was 60% full, it was loud. By the time we left, the place was almost full and I guess we got used to the noise. They change chefs every 3-4 months. Downstairs events starts at 9:00 PM.

    2. A very nice event awaits!
      Too bad this venue was not in operation when we were the
      pioneering artists breaking up DTLA in the mid to late 80s.
      I especially appreciate the artists salon downstairs.
      OMG that is much needed for artsy Angelenos,
      and with the great food upstairs, an outstanding evening can be enjoyed.
      I also recommend Blue Whale 'in the heart of Little Tokyo'~
      blue whale
      123 astronaut E S Onizuka St. Suite 301
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      Tel: 213-620-0908