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Jul 10, 2014 09:58 AM

not sure where to post

I am looking for recipe to make pickled herring in wine/cream sauce.
I posted request in 2 boards- home cooking and kosher-
hopefully this ok how do I decide?

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  1. If a recipe is something that's specifically common among people who keep Kosher or is something you want a specifically Kosher version of, then Kosher is a fine place to post. It's also fine to post those types of questions on Home Cooking, with the knowledge that some people will not really understand the Kosher requirement, so you may get things that don't quite meet your needs. This is just one of those areas where two boards overlap, so you can choose one or both.

    If you want to keep all the discussion in one spot, it's fine to post a question on one board and on the other board, start a new thread to Link to your question and ask people to respond there.