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Jul 10, 2014 07:53 AM

AYCE Sushi in Las Vegas

I am going to Las Vegas next week and need some help. Friend have suggested four possibilities
Sushi mon
Oyshi Sushi

Reading the boards that are online only confuse me more. The Chowhound group is the most honest and I have never been disappointed by the recommendations

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  1. Sushi Goyemon is my favorite in LV for AYCE. Never been disappointed there. I have tried all the others on your list except Yamasushi.

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    1. re: TDS1

      Agreed. For ayce, goyemon is the way to go.

    2. Goyamon or Sushi Mon are the way to go.

      Goyamon has pork belly, but I have found it to be less well-made as of late. For nigiri, Goyamon is very consistent in the size of the rice and the cuts of fish (pretty darn good). Sushi Mon can be a bit more varied, but sometimes their cuts of fish can be amazing. Also, Sushi Mon has salmon belly and yellowtail belly on their specials board every single day (while Goyamon has salmon belly 50% of the time and rarely has yellowtail belly). And they have a grilled yellowtail collar that blows Goyamon's pork belly out of the water. And, if you go early enough, they have grilled salmon collar.

      I usually find myself at Sushi Mon.

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      1. re: ah6tyfour

        Just to be clear, I assume that these specials (e.g., pork belly, fish collars) aren't part of the AYCE? What is included?

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          It's all included!

          The salmon belly and yellowtail belly nigiri (along with the other special nigiri of the day) are included.

          Goyamon's pork belly is AYCE. The only limited specials are Goyamon's dessert specials (green tea creme brulee, chocolate mousse, mango mousse), which you are limited to 1 of each per person.

          Sushi Mon's yellowtail collar, salmon collar, and the dessert specials (same as Goyamon) are included in the AYCE, but limited to 1 order of each per person.

          At both locations, everything else on the menu is included. Bowls of udon noodle soup, these amazing fried calamari strips with ponzu, garlic edamame, fried gyoza, chicken teriyaki, tempura shrimp/vegetables, other grill items, nigiri, rolls, etc...all included with no restrictions. The only things on the menu that are restricted are the uni nigiri and the sweet shrimp nigiri (you may order 1 each per person).

          Don't just order off the laminated AYCE menu. At Goyamon, there are 10-15 more choices printed on the place mat. That's where you'll see the pork belly.

          Oh, at Goyamon, after 11pm, you can also order a bowl of Monta shio ramen as part of your AYCE. Unfortunately, they don't offer Monta's Tonkatsu ramen.

          There are two Sushi Mon locations. One on Maryland Parkway and one on Sahara. Go to the Maryland Parkway location. There is something strange about the Sahara location. I heard at one point that the place+name was sold and is separate from the Goyamon/Sushi Mon empire, even though it is an official location as listed on the website.

          1. re: ah6tyfour

            Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              One thing to watch out for. Some of those specials are only available with the dinner AYCE. Both places have fewer nigiri specials available during lunch. And Sushi Mon's grilled yellowtail collar and salmon collar are only for dinner. If you end up going at lunch, but want the extra items, you can ask to pay the dinner price even though it's only 12:30pm. Just make sure they provide you with the list of extra items that are dinner-only to see if it's worth it. If I remember correctly, it's a $4-$5 difference.

              That grilled yellowtail collar with ponzu would cost you more than $5 by itself if you were to get something similar at a nice restaurant. Don't get me started on Yusho's $40 yellowtail collar that was abysmal. The whole time I was sadly eating it, I was comparing it to Sushi Mon's.

      2. Sounds great. Which location should we go to? I have a car so it doesnt matter. By the way do either serve sashimi? Is it buffet style or by the order?
        Thanks in advance for all your help.

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        1. re: chowdaddy

          Well, speaking only for sushi mon on Maryland and goyemon, sashimi is not part of all you can eat. It's not a buffet, you order from a staff member. I mildly prefer goyemon but agree that sushi mon is also good. In either place be prepared to wait

        2. LVNVFLYER-You said be prepared to wait. Is that because they don't take reservations or it takes time for the sushi to come after you order. Is there any limit on what you can order at any one time?

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          1. re: chowdaddy

            I'm not LVNVFLYER, but he means the wait for a table. No reservations and you can't call to be put on the waiting list. You have to physically show up. Both restaurants will call or text you when your table is ready. The wait at Goyamon can get really bad (1 hour+ on busy days). Sushi Mon on Maryland Parkway is not nearly as bad a wait. Both are about the same size, but Goyamon gets locals + tourists from the strip. Sushi Mon is more a locals place, so it's not as crowded.

            PS. There is a "Reply" link at the bottom of each response. If you click on that reply link instead of the one at the very top of the thread, it will place your question under the poster you are addressing. Then you won't have to actually type out usernames. =)

            1. re: ah6tyfour

              Thanks for the heads up. I need to read what's in front of me.

              1. re: ah6tyfour

                Thanks for responding! I did mean wait for a table. The sushi comes out pretty promptly. When we have to wait at goyemon, we usually repair to mcmullans, a nearby Irish pub. They are good at calling and usually the wait is a bit less than quoted