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Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

Going to Niagara on the Lake and will be crossing the border for some shopping. Have never thought of grocery items...
So, what would you bring back and where would you go to buy?

Any other suggestions as to where to go, what to do, where to eat...etc
Is all welcomed!

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    (sorry for the yelling...I'm just terribly enamoured of TJ's)

    TJ favourites from a couple of recent shopping excursions:

    Salted almond butter
    Roasted coconut chips (buy a lot of these, you will regret it if you don't)
    Freeze-dried strawberries (they also have raspberries, blueberries and mangoes)
    Thai red curry cashews
    Honey sesame almonds
    Rosemary marcona almonds
    Creme fraiche
    Kerry Gold butter
    Triple ginger cookies (I'm normally not a fan of packaged cookies, but these are great)
    Sesame sticks
    Quick-cook farro
    Wild rice
    The organic sugars and flours are a phenomenal price, too

    Note that you can try anything in the store. Literally anything (though I'm not 100% sure about the booze). Just go to the tasting bar in the back corner with whatever it is you want to try and they will either already have a taster open, or they will open a package for you on the spot.

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      TorontoJo, what's the name of the bakery that sells the amazing old school doughnuts?

      1. re: prima

        I believe you're thinking of Paula's Donuts. They're amazing!


        1. re: peasontoast

          Those look amazing, but the bakery I'm thinking of has been around even longer than Paula's (which has been around since 1996). ;)
          I will have to check out Paula's next time I cross the border.

          Might be Frankie's in Niagara Falls, NY? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDoqAX...

        2. re: prima

          DiCamillo! Really great doughnuts. The custard filled ones are amazing. Multiple locations.


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            Thanks, TorontoJo! That's the one!

            1. re: prima

              get the peanut stix, they're so good!

            2. re: TorontoJo

              Last time I was at the DiCamillo close to the outlets (Military rd or Niagara Falls blvd?) there were no doughnuts. None. Would love to visit the location where fickle's photo was taken.

              1. re: 16crab

                This was at the Lewiston location. I've never visited the other locations, so don't know what the doughnut status is at them. But the Lewiston location has always had doughnuts when I've visited, and they are always delicious...and cheap! It's really nice to pay just a buck for a simple, quality doughnut.

        3. Great post from TorontoJo but this thread might help you:


          There are a few "cross border shopping" threads out there already but this is the first one I found.

          1. I always bring back some beer you can't get at the LCBO like Lindemans Kriek (Belgian sour cherry)

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              I would caution against buying alcohol if you are doing a one day trip. You will need to declare the alcohol and that adds a bit time to the boarder crossing not to mention a little cost to the price of the booze.

              1. re: sweetie

                I have had good luck with bringing beer across (I always declare all of my purchases). I hear they are more lax with regards to beer vs. wine/spirits (never tried bringing those back). I have been waived through before with beer (like 12 bottles or less) and groceries on all of my grocery shopping trips.
                The last trip my friend just bought a single beer. The board guard was questioning why we only had one beer and if we drank the rest of them :)

                1. re: ylsf

                  True. Beer is considered a grocery item in moderation.

              2. re: currycue

                There are far better producers of Krieks in Belgium than Lindemans. And as far as the LCBO, they currently have the Framboise in stock

                1. re: BlackMambaSommelier

                  I know, lots of people prefer Cantillon. I've tried it but couldn't get used to the sour taste. Then I read online that lots of people debate back and forth over how sour it should be but how they used to server kriek with lumps of sugar at bars years ago. All I know is that it's my favourite one so far.

                  Thanks for the heads up on the Framboise! I wish they'd bring in the Cassis too!

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                    Also, Mill St is making a Belgian Cherry IPA available in their summer taster and I presume at the brewery in the distillery. I wasn't crazy about it but worth checking out if cherry beer is your thing.

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                      Problem with most local fruit beers is not enough fruit. Last time I tried a Mill Street Framboise it was just regular beer with just a hint of raspberry.

              3. TJ...also for;
                Artichoke hearts - marinated in jar and frozen
                cookie butter (in peanut butter area)
                their salsa is good, both green and red for $1.67 a jar
                I usually load up on packaged trail mix

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                  I second the cookie butter - buy more than one jar...

                2. Sahlen's hot dogs. The BEST.

                  Or you could just eat a charbroiled one at Ted's...

                  1. B & M brown bread in a can
                    Pure Leaf unsweetened ice tea (I can only find the sweetened here)
                    Peet's whole bean coffee
                    Land o' Lakes half-fat butter
                    Burt's Bees honey cough drops (but I think they may have been discontinued)

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                      1. re: barneyvernon

                        Where can one find B & M brown bread in a can?

                        1. re: magic

                          Sometimes Wegman's has it. But its not easy to find. I picked up the last 2 cans on the shelf last time I was there. A couple of other Wegman's had none. You can also order it online from a variety of sources but the shipping costs to get it up here are high.

                          1. re: barneyvernon

                            Thanks I will check out Wegmans when in Buffalo a few weeks from now.

                            Canned beans aisle?

                          2. re: magic

                            I thought B&M brown bread in a can was a Maine thing or at least a New England thing so try further east. In Maine, it's always in the massive baked bean section.

                        2. There is an Entemanns Bakery Outlet at 1960 Niagara Falls Boulevard, near Trader Joes. We buy the 100 calorie pitas and they are usually $1.99 a pack at the outlet store. I have paid as much as $3.99 a pack before I knew about the outlet. Also, lots of other well priced stuff there. Trader Joes has delicious peanut butter filled, chocolate coated pretzels. We also buy near the front cash speculoos filled little chocolate bars. Also, the chocolate covered orange peel is delicious. We always bring a cooler with us and from Trader Joes we buy a lot of frozen products, pizzas, frozen potatoes with green beans, frozen pearl onions. We just grab lots out of the freezers and throw it in our cart. We always go to Wegmans (behind the Boulevard Mall) and buy a frozen turkey. The prices are usually quite good. Oh, and there is a brand of yogurt we can't get in toronto -- Danone Light & Fit. It's delicious. We don't get the Greek, just the regular. Oh, and don't forget to stop at Paula's on 2319 Sheridan Drive and buy a dozen donuts. Don't let them shove the dozen into one box. Tell them you want six in each box. Have fun!

                          1. We rotate eating at Pizza Plant (great American-style pizza and pods and amazing beers), Dinosaur BBQ (also have a decent beer selection and some foods we don't get in Canada like fried green tomatoes and Harlem potato salad special side), beef on weck places (tried Charlie the Butcher last time, quite good); and always stop at Premier Gourmet and Trader Joe's. Check the LCBO website and you'll see that tons of great beers (including Quebec beers!!!) are not available in Ontario - but are in plentiful supply at Premier Gourmet. It's always fun shopping at normal American grocery stores too just to pick up candy bars, seltzer, chips, etc.

                            At Premier Gourmet, I try to pick up the local or at least regional cheeses, bacon, dairy products, etc. that we have no chance of seeing here in Canada. Border patrol only seems to care about fresh fruit.

                              1. Definitely go to Trader Joe's - everything is great! Coconut cookies (box is green), chocolate peanut-butter cups - AMAZING!, almond croissants (frozen section), bacon cheddar, carmelized onion dip... prepared salads - don't forget your cooler and get some ice!

                                Wegmans sodas are good - cherry grapefruit. Wegmans prepared foods section is also great. The store in Amherst - you'll be in Amherst for TJs anyways. You can also grab some horseradish cheddar at Wegmans. I forget the brand name - sorry!

                                Make sure to go with a list to TJs and an employee will be happy to help you find the items!

                                Make sure to eat a meal at Dinosaur BBQ downtown Buffalo - delicious! Bistro Europa is also GREAT!


                                Here are some threads I'd suggest reading -





                                1. Fage yogurt! Everytime I go to Buffalo, I buy at least 6kg worth of yogurt lol.