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Jul 10, 2014 03:35 AM

Cow Milk Allergy (not lactose intollerant)

HI - I want to make a lasagna but my husband has a cow cheese allergy. He can eat sheep and goat's milk cheeses. I can probably sub goat cheese for the ricotta, but is there anything I can use for the mozz? Has anyone tried it? I use manchego for him on burgers to make cheeseburgers, but somehow I don't thing that taste will go with the lasagna. ALSO, he loves grilled cheese, cheeseburgers - is there another good melting sheep/goat cheese besides the manchego? Thanks!!

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  1. Brocciu would work in place of the ricotta if you can find it and would have a less "goaty" flavour. I think there is sheep milk ricotta to be had as well, though again perhaps difficult to source.

    A really young Manchego would be a decent sub for mozzarella but it might be hard to find as well. Or what about P'tit Basque, similar but milder and from France? I suspect pecorino toscano fresco would be a decent option as well, if you want to go Italian. Can be tricky to replicate the full meltiness while maintaining the mildness of mozzarella!

    There are so many lovely sheeps' milk cheeses that would go well on a burg. Kefalograviera is an especially nice one if you have a Greek market nearby. And sheeps' milk feta is often meltier than cows' milk feta, so that might be worth a go, especially if you were doing a lamb burger.

    Good luck and keep trying different types by finding a specialty cheese shop that will allow you to taste before you invest. What fun!

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      thank you!!! Yes, I tend to stop at Murrays in Grand Central Station when I go to NYC - they let you taste.

    2. does your recipe call for commercial part-skim, low-moisture, mozz or does it call for fresh mozz?

      if fresh, how about Buffalo mozzarella?

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        No recipe, but Buffalo would not work. It has to be sheep or goat. Thanks for the suggestion though!