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Jul 9, 2014 09:45 PM

Good values good food specials and deals at chowhound worthy places

I love chowhound but am calling all Monmouth county posters to tell everyone good deals secrets and save everyone a few dollars but not skimp on the quality or quantity. Please spare the Nicholas at the bar but more in line with the following. Bagel Oven: Buy 15$ of deli mostly Boar Head product get a free dozen bagels. Dearborn Farms: last hour they are open fresh bread 1/2 off. Soup guy in Red Bank July and August : 12 Oz Soup and 1/2 sandwich 5$. Normally 7$ Burger deal Mon at Basils 15$ soup beer and burger. Red : Tuesday Burger deal beer- wine salad burger13$. Monday Teak 1/2 priced food.. I can name more but want to get some ideas. Or please alert to any good coupon or groupon living social etc . Entertainment or val pack deals worthy of mention.

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  1. Belmonte's: Asbury Park (Italian). Mon and Thurs half price pasta. Need reservations.

    La Tapatia: Asbury Park: Mondays: Half-priced Margaritas. Wednesdays: Half-priced fajitas.

    By the way, great Italian deli, Antonio's, on Sunset in Wanamassa. Reasonable prices.

    1. thats awesome. can someone do this for Bergen lol?

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        A Mano pizza in Ridgewood
        Buy one pizza or Panini and get one free. Monday and Tuesday only

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          Sure. Here's mine...

          El Norte Mexican Restaurant, Lodi - All You Can Eat on Mondays, $11.95 (brought to you, not a buffet)

          Buffalo's Chicken Shack, Wood-Ridge - $.60 Wings on Wednesdays (Dine-In Only)

          Bhoj Indian Restaurant, Elmwood Park - Lunch Buffet Each Day (I think it's $9.95 on weekdays, $11.95 on weekends for more variety)

          Sushi Village, Westwood - Decent AYCE sushi brought to your table. It's about $20 on weekdays, $22 on weekends.

          Minado, Little Ferry - The champ of sushi buffets (and all buffets for that matter), but insanely crowded and a touch expensive for dinner (around $32). Lunch for around $20 is a better deal.

          Hot Diggity Grill, Hawthorne - OK, not Bergen, but close enough. Great American casual eats. Buy 4 hot dogs, get 1 free, buy 5 hamburgers get one free.

          Hot Dog Caboose, Midland Park - Aside from it being tons of fun to buy your hot dogs from a choo choo train, the food here is fantastic (especially the chili). They always have coupons on their website.

          Bogey's Hoagies, Hawthorne - No coupons here, just gigantic, Michelin-Star quality sandwiches for dirt cheap prices. Half sandwiches are around $5, around 8", and stuffed to the gills. Wholes are around $10. They also have an AMAZING penne vodka with breaded (fried in panko) chicken for $8. It will last you for 2-3 meals. Honestly, it's worth double, it's that big and that good.

          DP's Pub, Garfield - No coupons. Black-hole level darkness. Tough crowd. Very small. But incredible seafood with prices from 1984.

          That's it for now, but I'll post more as I think of them.

          1. re: zhelder

            awesome Zhelder, thanks! I can add Mi Rancho in Hackensack has an all you can eat (off the menu ) on wednesday night. I havent done the ayce, but their food is very good / authentic Mexican. as far as the places you listed, Bhoj is my favorite Indian place in the area, Minado is great for what it is, and I will be checking out Bogey's on your recommendation soon. Also the Hot Dog Caboose seems like a must stop for me and my toddler - 2 of his favorite things, hot dogs and choo choos lol. Mentioned to you on another post that i wasnt a fan of Buffalo's, but may need to give them another shot (on a .60 wing wednesday!)
            Lastly, my favorite BBQ joint, Finks in Dumont, does a $10 lunch carving station with different daily themes... well worth it. my favorites are Thursdays "For Loafing"
            Rotating Meatloaf items may include Buffalo Chicken Loaf, Thanksgiving Turkey Loaf, Bacon Wrapped Sausage Stuffed Pork Loaf, etc.

            and Fridays "For Pork"
            All Parts of the Hog items may include Pork Belly, Cajun Smoked Pork Loin, Baby Back Ribs, etc.

            1. re: yogi70

              Thanks for the Mi Rancho recommendation. I will definitely be checking them out!

              As far as Buffalo's, I still love them. Still my favorite wings of all time.

              1. re: zhelder

                if you're a bbq fan, get yourself over to Dumont and try Finks. their smoked buffalo wings are my favorite wings in the area so far. and I apologize to livingloving for sorta hijacking the reply thread
                : )

          2. re: yogi70

            One more I forgot about: Allendale/Mahwah Bar & Grill do an AYCE Pasta Night on Tuesdays and a brunch on Sundays. It's been a few tears since I've been to either, but they were both very good.

            And I'm planning to get to Fink's real soon too. Loved the place in River Edge.

          3. Oh god this is going to take me a while...I'm a sucker for deals. I won't rehash happy hour deals since we already have a thread for that.

            By the #:
            On Joline Ave. Long Branch, the place that used to be Pezao is under new ownership now. Buffet is just 6.99/lb.
            Sabor Brasil, Long Branch: Mon-Thurs buffet is 7.99/lb.
            Don't know the name - but on Asbury Ave. a new Haitian buffet opened up. The food isn't amazing or anything but it's an unbeatable 5$/lb.


            All of the major Jamaican joints in the Asbury area (Mark's Place, Negrille, Islander, Jammin Jamaican) have 5$ lunch specials. Jammin is my favorite.

            Blue Marlin in Bradley seems to have a special every other night of the week. Tuesday is jerk night - 4.50 jerk wings. 9.95 dinner specials Sunday Wednesday Thursday.

            UVA in Bradley: If I recall correctly Monday is half price pasta night and Tuesday is half price pizza. Might be the other way around. Wednesday is 30$ 3 course prix fixe.

            Azul Tequila: Half Price Apps on Tuesdays I think between 7-9.

            Ground Round in Bradley seems to have half price apps like...all the time. lol.

            Main St. in Neptune has 5.99 burgers on Mondays and 2 for 1 burgers on Wednesdays. 15.99 for 14oz strip on Tuesdays.

            Clancy's in Neptune has 5.99 build your own 3 topping burger on Thursdays. Their prime rib special is also an amazing bargain and available all the time - I think it's 16oz PR with soup for 16 bucks or something.

            Speaking of prime rib, Sunset Diner in Ocean has Prime Rib on their dinner specials also. I'd say it's prolly about 14 oz, comes with soup salad dessert for just 15 bucks or so.

            Kelly's in neptune has a 10 oz ribeye "recession special" for 12 bucks.

            Johnny Mac in Asbury has free pizza with drink purchase every day and free omelets on Sunday. 3$ bloody marys.

            Jack's in Long Branch has 3$ craft beers on Wednesdays after 7. Show up shortly before and order some happy hour wings and drink away!

            Avenue Long Branch has 30$ prix fixe 4:30-6. All night on Tuesdays.

            Dish, Red Bank - Tuesdays and Wednesdays are 25$ for three courses. Get the enormous pork chop!

            That's all I can think of for now...I will post more as I remember them.

            1. What a great post! Why didn't I think of it! I love this!
              Uva in Bradley Beach Mon- Thurs specials. We went for 1/2 price pasta I think it was a Monday. The first time it was excellent, the second good. However, certainly worth going a third time. Each night is a different special.
              Porta has a lunch special for $10.
              Basille's in Freehold has a coupon for lunch I think it is buy one one half price.
              Solo in Freehold has a lunch special get a ticket punched for each lunch and the 10th lunch is free.
              La Cashina on Rt 34 in Mattawan has coupons on their website for various deals. All of these restaurants are good, not five star but certainly good and worthy of trying. We have been to each one several times.
              Again livingloving what a great post thank you!

              1. This is probably more in line with Nicholas at the bar, but Brandl in Belmar has a couple of nice deals. On Sundays for $35 you can choose a 3 course surf or turf (soup or salad, entrée, dessert). The surf includes the very good lazy lobster which goes for $35 by itself any other day. Just did this last weekend. On Fridays they offer a 2 for 1 fish special.

                10th Ave Burrito in Belmar also has a number of weekday specials. Mondays are free dessert with an entrée; Tuesdays are all you can eat tacos for $12; Thursday's are $.50 wings.