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Jul 9, 2014 05:46 PM

PVD/RI * July '14 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

Garris passed the torch to me. So let's hear what is happening out there in PVD/RI for the Summer.

Garris if you are keeping up, wanted to pass along a recommendation in Boston. The Mrs. And I spent the weekend of June 22 up there and visited Aquitaine on Tremont Street in the Back Bay. The meal was outstanding, only to be matched by the cocktail service at the bar. It is a small establishment so reservations are a must.

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  1. FjmArch, A big thank-you for continuing PVD/RI. I love the dining scene here in Rhode Island and find this site so very helpful.

    Garris, and a big thank-you to you, too, for keeping PVD/RI going the past years. Best of luck in Boston. It’s a great city.

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    1. re: shutterbugRI

      Thanks to all for the complements! I'll certainly be keeping track of things here since we'll be back in RI often visiting friends and family and huge thanks to FjmArch for keeping alive the thread.

      Speaking of which, a friend in RI described randomly dropping in at a restaurant she couldn't remember the name of that from her description I can only guess had to be the new rooftop restaurant at the Providence G apartment complex? She loved the setting and was lukewarm on the meal. I guess it's open?

      Same friend also said that North Bakery is open in Federal Hill.

      PS: Started doing some Boston dining since arriving and while there's some very good food I've sampled (especially better Asian), thus far I think PVD lacks for little. Will keep everyone posted and thanks to all for the Boston recs! Will move Acquitaine up the list...

    2. Dave's Coffee is now open at 341 South Main Street in Providence. My co-workers and I had iced coffees. The place looks very nice, the service was great, and -- the most important part -- the coffee was excellent. We just had regular drip coffee, but you can get your choice of pour-over styles. There is a good selection of other coffee drinks and a nice pastry case. It has the same ownership as Dave's Coffee in Charlestown, RI.

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      1. re: lil_rhody

        Thanks for this info! I'll be visiting Providence next weekend and was wondering if Dave's had a nice sit down area or if it's just more of a grab and go type of place?

        1. re: kdemayo

          There's a decently sized seating area. It looks cozy. I don't think there's table-side service, though. Just counter service.

      2. Thanks for this. I read/lurk a lot but do not post much.

        Neat to hear that the Boston scene is not so superior to RI (except for the Asian, to which I totally agree). We knew that, right?!

        1. Glad this is still going strong...I rely on this thread! LOL

          "Cafe Atlantic" is going to open in the vacant Mainelli's Italian Restaurant on Chalkstone Avenue in Prov. Not sure what kind of cuisine - my guess is seafood with the name, but who knows?? The 'coming soon' sign has been up for about three weeks now.

          "Uncle Tony's Family Restaurant" looks ready to open any day on Rte 44 on the Johnston/NP line. The parking lot looks repaved (as of today), the outside looks new and the signage is in place.

          There are still "Coming Soon" signs on the former Asia Palace site on North Main St. Apparently, it's going to be a Japanese restaurant, according to the signage.

          1. "Leon's KitchenWorx" opens July 14 on Waseca Avenue in Barrington, RI. The restaurant is owned by chef Bill Andrews who owned "Leon's on the Westside" (on B'way in Providence) back in the 80s-90s. (I did post a separate thread about this, as well...but for those who may have missed it - I'm posting the news here in this thread.)