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Going to be in Carolina Beach next week for our anniversary. Looking for recs for anniversary dinner. Nice sit down seafood/american, good drinks.
Also since we'll be there for a few days looking for good bbq, mexican/latin and thai. also food trucks.

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  1. Are you willing to drive 30 minutes to Wilmington? If not, your options are very limited. In CB, Surf House Cafe is probably your best bet for your ann. dinner. I'm not aware of any Thai or food trucks in CB, nor any bbq worth recommending.

    ETA: Apparently there is a Thai restaurant in CB, Ida Thai Cuisine. It gets a 96% "like" on Urbanspoon, for what that's worth.

    If you like donuts, don't miss Britt's on the boardwalk.

    1. Haven't been to Pleasure Island for a couple of years, but here's what I remember:

      Port City Java is good for coffee, but it looks there are many more options for joe than there used to be.

      There's a BBQ shack on Lake Park pretty close to the Kure Beach line, A&G. It's okay, and about the only 'que option on the island. I don't eat 'que, but their chicken was pretty good. Others liked the 'que.

      There are a number of good breakfast options around, and they're listed on Urbanspoon.

      For an anniversary dinner, I'd highly recommend going into Wilmington, where the choices are broader and better. There are several threads covering Wilmington on the board.

      Higher end restaurants tend to come and go pretty quickly on the island. I don't recognize any names from our last time there, except the Deck House, which is fine, but not extraordinary.

      Under no circumstances should you be tempted to visit local landmark Big Daddy's.

      1. Try Freddies at Kure Beach. Great pasta and pork chop dishes. Best kept secret in Wilmington is Cape Fear Seafood at Monkey Junction in front of Wal Mart/Lowes behind Mickey D's.

        1. Maybe not for anniversary dinner, but fun and celebratory in its own way, Shuckin' Shack right in CB. Small, noisy, friendly, unpretentious, good beers, very good platters of fresh oysters, clams, boil n peel shrimp, fried stuff, too. Mixed age crowds keep it interesting.

          1. Any report back on where you ate?

            1. Was just there this past week. Here is a summary:

              Wednesday night: Surf House--burned brisket ends with sweet potatoes appetizer, tomato and cucumber salad, almond encrusted mahi with pesto cherry tomatoes and spring mix salad, shrimp and grits, and cheerwine cake. This was BY FAR the best meal although the dessert was so-so. The appetizer and salads were delicious as were the entrees.

              Thursday breakfast: Britt's doughnuts--Great sugar rush but no better than Krispy Kreme.

              Thursday dinner: Deck House--crab dip appetizer, house salads, seafood pasta, grouper covered with lobster sauce and crab meat plus baked potato and asparagus. This was a good but not great meal. The portions were large but my grouper had too much sauce.

              Friday lunch: PT's Grille in Wilmington--burgers and fries. Not that impressed. The burger was good but I wouldn't rank it as high as Wilmington residents do.

              Friday dinner: Bowman's Seafood--house salads, fried combos with scallops, shrimp, and clam strips. This is an old school fried seafood restaurant. Nothing special but it meets the standard for a seafood hut.

              Saturday lunch: Surf House--Shrimp BLT and beef brisket sandwich. After the outstanding meal on Wednesday night, this did not live up to the standards. But, it was still tasty.