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Jul 9, 2014 04:38 PM

New Butcher Shop In Clairemont

Per the Eater website:

This will be a place to get high quality pork from heritage breeds. . .and here I am with a longing to retry my recipe for porchetta.

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  1. Cooks Pigs, had the chance pleasure of meeting them out in Julian at Nickel Beer Co. on a random weekend and talked to them about their ranch and the planned storefront.

    I mentioned them here also:

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    2. How 'bout that.

      Welcome to the neighborhood, Cook Pigs Ranch!

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        1. This is pretty exciting.

          I recently tried an order from AgLocal...was not a happy camper.

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            Could you say more about what went wrong with AgLocal?

            Learned about it here,

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              I received 2 orders from AgLocal before I cancelled the service. The value for the price - even for humanely and consciously raised meat - was not there for me.

              You get a notice several days before shipping but no indication of what is being shipped, so it become a mystery box. I would have preferred to know what is in the box so that if it's something I know I won't eat, I can call and either sub something in or not receive the box that month. Case in point...

              The first box had 1# of ground lamb. I don't dislike lamb but I don't eat a lot of it and this was an item I knew I would never use, so I gave it to a friend. Cost of the 1# ground lamb? $20. Had I known in advance the box would contain the ground lamb, I could have called and asked them to sub something or simply skipped the delivery.

              Also in the first box was a very light (i.e. not really 16 oz) 1# of nitrite free, uncured bacon, 4 all-beef hot dogs and a chicken that was supposed to weigh in at 3 lbs, but barely weighed 2 1/2 lbs. Each item was about $20. $20 for 4 hot dogs? They weren't that great, the Neiman Ranch dogs are far better, and less expensive. The bacon was good, but not memorable and the chicken was just chicken.

              The selection in the 2nd box was better, but once again, there was nothing particularly noteworthy about them. There was 1# of breakfast sausage and I seriously disliked, the flavor profile on them and ended up tossing them out. The pork shoulder was more like a pork steak with a 2" fat cap. The fat was actually quite nice and made great lard. The pork itself was okay, not good, not bad, just pork. There was a pound of chicken tenders which were decent. Miniatures compared to the steroid enhanced commercial tenders from Tyson, Perdue and Foster Farms, but still smaller than a tender from a Rosie or Empire chicken. I still have a pound of ground beef from the last box to use.

              I ordered the family box because it provided an assortment of different meats and cuts. The cost of the box is about $80 making each item in it about $20/package. For a curated program nothing in the 2 boxes I received was memorable, noticeably better than commercial/factory meat, or a particularly good vale for the price. Most of the items were okay but nothing special. The flavor profile on the breakfast sausages was just plain nasty and the hot dog not far behind.

              I really, really wanted to like AgLocal but between the marginal flavor profiles and lack of value for the price, I cancelled my subscription after 2 boxes.

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Thank you for the complete details. How long ago was this?

                Of the farms listed on the AgLocal site currently, I am familiar with the two pork producers -- DG Langley and Llano Seco. I've been happy with their meat purchased at retail or farmers market, so I wonder if there's been a source change.

                I hear you on the cured meats. With the burst in local charcuterie in recent years, I've been trying to support small producers. But frankly, some of them need to go back to school, as there's a lot of not very good tasting stuff out there. A waste of an ethically raised animal.

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                  Hi everyone! I'm one if the founders at AgLocal so I came to absorb my beat down properly and use it to make the service better. :-)

                  Most of your complaints are validated by a volume of other subscriber feedback. We've had months where we are trying new farms and other months where the supply we are promised from a farm we know well is compromised due to various reasons (backed up processors, freshness requirements not met etc.). We have a high bar, but it can be challenging dealing with smaller operations and these short falls leave us to have to substitute and fill in with what we see as equal quality. Out view of "great" doesn't always match up with consumers (we're adventurous foodies, what can I say)

                  We've only been out for five months and have learned a ton from our user base. If you've dealt with our customer service then you will know that we literally answer the phone for our subscribers at all hours of the day and night. That's an AgLocal employee taking those calls at 11PM at night and 2AM (that's how serious we take our customer feedback)

                  many times we review the common feedback themes of the prior months shipment and immediately implement changes to the next month, whether that be account functionality, product description copy, how the boxes arrive to your door (really an art) or what comes in the box (even trickier) - we've managed to move immediately on feedback.

                  For instance you mention the lamb and the product descriptions specifically. We made those changes.

                  I'm here to say that your feedback even as a cancellation is so so much appreciated. We could not build this with out it. It means you passionately want to see this work and that there is desire for it.

                  We plan to continue to refine the service and listen to you! Thanks for trying us!

                  Nait Jones