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Jul 9, 2014 04:00 PM

Nominations Thread: Cookbook of the Month August 2014

Hello all

Yes it is that time again. Please feel free to begin nominating for our August selection. To nominate please simply type the title of your nomination in all capital letters. Nominations will remain open until the 16th of July at 7pm pacific time.

Also, August will be my last month as facilitator which means we will need someone to start facilitating in August for our September books onward. I know a few people have mentioned some interest, hopefully we can get our next volunteer sorted out in the near term.

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  1. Does anyone have the link to past COTM? I don't want to nominate one that has been done in the past, and I can never remember all of them.

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    1. L.A. Son, by Roy Choi

      not a straight cook book - it's more like an autobiography with food attached - but the recipes are incredible.

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      1. re: rmarisco

        Incredible as in interesting, or incredible as in "I have made them and they are great"?

        1. re: pagesinthesun

          So, I can't even believe I'm suggesting this given my tight time schedule, but I was looking again through Suzanne Goin's A.O.C. cookbook, and the summer recipes sound SO delicious and are perfect for August produce. Would anybody be down for A.O.C.?

          Otherwise, my main focus for August cooking is the bounty at the farmers market. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, corn, basil etc. I will probably end up nominating Vegetable Literacy again, but want to go through the book and make sure it has enough great options for these classic summer veg. I don't mind having a book that has mostly veg side dishes because it is so easy this time of year to put some simple protein on the grill.

          1. re: Westminstress

            I know we've both cooked from this book and posted to the adjunct thread:

            Not sure about you, but the recipes I made were A LOT of work. The results were outstanding, but took a helluva lot more time than I want to spend in the kitchen in August. Would love to see it as COTM at some point during the year when I'm up for more complicated dishes.

            Here are my reports, by the way, on the three dishes I made. (I'm laughing now to see that one of the reports is almost as long as the recipe.



            1. re: JoanN

              Yes, good point about too much time in the kitchen in August. I don't know what I was thinking! Carried away by the delicious-sounding recipes I guess :) But you are right, it's a little unrealistic.

        2. ONE GOOD DISH - David Tanis... we could include all three books: A PLATTER OF FIGS and HEART OF THE ARTICHOKE

          Great fresh ingredients recipes for summer.

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          1. re: Tom P

            ONE GOOD DISH - David Tanis

            Sounds like a fine choice for summer cooking.

              1. re: Tom P

                I'm also going to nominate ONE GOOD DISH.

              2. ONE GOOD DISH by David Tanis

                That's what I want: <"Great fresh ingredients [with] recipes for summer."> But not another Madison cookbook..

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                1. re: Gio

                  I'd be willing to support David Tanis. If so, I'd love to have an adjunct thread for his other books and his excellent NYT column. And that should allow for good participation by folks who don't own the books.