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COTM = Cheese Board?

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July COTM wood board aged cheeses

Excuse me but is this not confusing? COTM has been the acronym for Cookbook of the Month since what - 2006 when it began. I just saw this.

To have a cheese board labeled COTM is double dumb. Can this be changed? I certainly hope so. It dilutes the original premise.

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  1. I never noticed it. But if you go to the Cheese board and search COTM, you'll see they've been using it for some time, just not always in the title, but even there.

    1. I could have sworn I'd seen it as ChOTM but in going through the old titles I don't see that. Agree that they shouldn't both have the same letters.

      1. That's unfortunate because it will mess with search results. It did start out as ChOTM, IIRC.

        1. I strongly suggest the cheese board use another acronym. Such as ChzOTM to differentiate from the Cookbook of the Month/the original COTM.

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          1. I agree-
            I didn't notice it b4

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            1. Given that they're on different boards, is there much likelihood for confusion between the two projects? There are several boards successfully doing different of-the-month projects, it's just a coincidence that Cheese and Cookbook both happen to start with C. It doesn't seem to have created any problems up to this point.

              Abbreviating Cheese of the Month to CotM is something people are doing pretty organically on their own, not something that's been mandated by the moderators or by any of the people who have taken responsibility for helping to post those threads, so it's not really something we can force a change to.

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                Good point. LA has a DOTM but it's for going out to eat not home cooking.