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Jul 9, 2014 03:03 PM

A taste of authentic Hong Kong Nostalgia inside Dynasty Plaza Food Court, Scarborough

One of the most loved, tasty and exotic delicacies I had whilst growing up in Hong Kong was a dish of nicely prepared 'Braised Beef Entrails served with rice noodle -Ho Fun '. Slow cooked for hours in a complex gravy with a multitude of herbs and spices, the tender and chewy end product can be amazing in taste and texture.

I was surprised to encounter this authentic and nostalgic dish whilst browsing inside the busy food court of 'Dynasty Plaza' ( Sheppard and Glen Walford ). So well prepared and delicious, this bowl of beef entrails containing Tripe, Stomach, Spleen, Lung and Intestine can be spooky to most but a taste of heaven for some aficionados who love exotic ingredients! Quality and taste can easily rub shoulder with some of Hong Kong's best!

Only minute downside was the slightly tough lung morsels which I have conveyed to the chef who promised me to make them more tender from now on.

Cannot wait to go back for another bowl!!

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  1. Hi,

    My parents live in that area and are not familiar with that restaurant. I will let them know! Thanks!

    One time they told me about another tiny restaurant slightly east of Glen Watford, maybe 4400 Sheppard. It is called "Yummy" aka "lo sai gwan" and supposed to have nostalgic cheung fun. Do you think that is also a "hidden dragon"?

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    1. re: nogoro

      For Authentic and Nostalgic 'Cheung Fun', you should give this place a try?!! This outfit had been in business in Canton ( Guangzhou ), China for a generation or two before the owner moved to Canada, Their Rice Congee, especially the one with Sun Dried Bok Choi and Salted Pork Bones is particularly rare and delicious!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        I visited Da Ke Yi couple of weeks ago based on someone's suggestion. Had dried shrimps with green onions rice rolls and another different roll which I cant recalled plus pork century egg congee. It was late afternoon so it was a quiet period.
        My experience was a very ordinary A-Ok and decided would not repeat. However, I may reconsider giving the congee you recommended a try. My Kitchen's dried shrimps with green onions rice rolls is far superior in my opinion. DKY is in the same plaza as the "renowned" roast pork Ho Ho BBQ @ Midland & McNicoll.

    2. Great find Charles. That food court has crazy cheap prices. Massive portions with drink included...all for under $7-8. Not sure how they stay in business with those prices!

      1. Thanks Charles for your recommendation. With the chili powder and Chili oil, it was amazing.

        1. Spleen is out of stock today. Tried her braised beef noodles with extra spicy instead. She has killer chilli paste & chilli flakes.

          1. Went there again today, another superb bowl. Was talking to the owner and she says she's only there until end of September. She's looking for a spot out in a small town or maybe reopen in the area just as a noodle place. If anyone else goes, keep on asking where she's moving to. Wouldn't want to lose out on such a awesome dish.