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Jul 9, 2014 01:11 PM

Ojai for the weekend?

Hey, I'm heading up from LA to Ojai for a few days and I was wondering if people had any recommendations or just general tips about dining in Ojai.

Since there are a lot of farms around Ojai I'm hoping to find some places that specialize in farm fresh/local/seasonal ingredients but I'm really up for anything as long as it is good.

A couple of places I've looked at, but don't really know much about:

Suzanne's Cuisine

Knead Baking Company

Osteria Monte Grappa

Anyone know anything good for breakfast?

Is there only one farmer's market?

Where is a good place to get vegetables?

Any high quality butcher shops?

There are going to be five of us total and we have no restrictions except the food be excellent.


I'll report back (although if we can't find anything good we might just end up cooking at the place we're staying)

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  1. If you're lucky, the Deer Lodge will be roasting a whole pig on a spit over their outside fire pit. It’s located on Hwy 33 a mile or two north of town on the way into the Los Padres NF. It’s easy to tell if it’s a pig day because the pit can be seen from the road and the smell is unmistakable.

    1. Boccali's has old fashion strawberry short cake and reasonable Italian dishes in a great casual indoor/outdoor setting .Feels really local. Strawberry season is almost over but give it a try. On the outskirts of town heading east.

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      1. re: glbtrtr

        Thanks, I'll check it out!

        Are you saying the price is reasonable or the quality?

        1. re: Butter Fight

          Both - price is good for the food. This is chow, rather than fine dining please understand. But their heart is in the right place and you will be fed well. Fresh food, full flavors for simple and hearty menu items.

          1. re: Butter Fight

            Just a heads up on Boccalis
            It is a very touristy place their food is not excellent.
            If they were located in LA they would never be considered Chow worthy. That said eating in Ojai you have to adjust your scale.

          1. Strangely (or maybe not so strangely) enough, the best chicken fried steak I've happened upon so far in Southern California is at the Marina Cafe in the Lake Casitas Recreation area (by the boat landing).

            I mean, everything else there was utterly average, but MAN! That chicken fried steak was straight from heaven. Pilgrimage-worthy.

            1. The original comment has been removed