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Jul 9, 2014 01:03 PM

Philly restaurant recommendation

Restaurant recommendation in Philly convenient to Susquehanna Bank Center for Bruno Mars (Italian, seafood or Mexican)...also approximate cost of a cab from Philly to Camden?

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  1. Good Mexican near the bridge at Los Bugambilias.

    1. Look into the Riverlink Ferry which goes from Philadelphia to Camden Waterfront and then its a short walk to the music center. Much better than a cab. The RiverLink Ferry will offer express service during Susquehanna Bank Center events occurring. Express service is available 30 minutes after an events end. Cruise duration: approximately 10 minute’s point-to-point. This means you can eat almost anywhere in Old City.

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        I'd caution that while the ferry is a great way to get to Camden, it's not such a great way to get back. There is only one boat and it's not all that big, so if there is a crowd all going to the ferry after the show, you could be waiting several round trips to get on. I guess it depends on the crowd if there are a lot of ferry riders but I have had to wait over an hour to get on a ferry.

        If you don't mind walking the mean streets of Camden a little bit, PATCO is also an option. That's a rapid transit link between Philly and NJ.

        You could also always ferry it over and then cab or Uber it back to Philly.

        1. re: barryg

          How easy is it to get a cab after an event? Regradless of whether you park at the event, get a cab or take the ferry you are not getting out of there immediately. And they dedicate the ferry to just back and forth trips after events, so they just keep filling it up and moving people across the river.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Yeah that is true. I think you'd have to call a cab or Uber.