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Jul 9, 2014 11:37 AM

Jaws; Farmington Hills/Detroit

So my lunch @ Ernie's Mkt plan ... failed. Jaws was Plan-B.

I once asked if they considered offering sliders. Yes; they had considered. And; no, it was never gonna happen. The owner was quite emphatic in this regard.

Today; I discovered that they have added sliders to the menu. $5.50 for a pair of sliders. They make the bun in-house - good chew, I like it. Jaw's slider patty is 'bout the same size as Freakin Unbelievable's hamburger patty.

It comes with the all the usual slider options. Cheese and bacon are the extras.

As these two operations are separated by only a small parking lot, I may buy both and deconstruct them.

Jaws wins on basic burgers, menu variety, malts and cost. FUB wins on topping varieties, beer & wine.

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  1. Yike. I'm not all that enamored with Jaws...that doesn't bode well for FUB.

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    1. re: boagman

      I'm not that impressed with Jaws either, and no, it doesn't bode well for FUB, which doesn't impress me that much either.

    2. It's 11:30pm and I just now saw that pic. Having one of them burgers would bode well for me.
      BTW, here is a link showing the little I know about Ernie's: