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Jul 9, 2014 11:23 AM

Ernie's Market; Oak Park (Detroit)

It was kind'a sort'a on the way back to the office. A small brick bldg, in a neighborhood.

I arrived at 1:16PM. Lots of cars parked nearby; a good sign. I held the door for the woman behind ... and discovered that the line ran the full length of the small bldg. Nineteen people ahead of me to order. Another line of four waiting to pay.

I timed them making next sandwich, it took ~3 minutes. My schedule could not accommodate the crowd.

Whatever they are doing; they certainly have a LOT of loyal, late-lunch customers!

Anyone had one of their sandwiches? Is it worth a long wait? Or; perhaps it is wise(r) to go on the early side of lunch?

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  1. It's pretty good, but nothing close to something that'll make you forget why Ventimiglia and Gonellas own us. Certainly a step or two up from Subway or whatever, and the guy who owns/runs the place is absolutely *great*'ve gotta love Ernie! Don't know why it was all that crowded at 1:15PM, though.

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      I'll second that. The sandwiches are good, but not gourmet. They are, however, enormous for $5. But you don't go there for the sandwiches as much as you go there for Ernie -- you will never meet anyone who loves their job (and their customers) as much as him. I will challenge anyone to leave Ernie's without a smile. If you do, you're a miserable person. If you've never had the experience, do yourself a favor and get there. Warning -- as a newbee, Ernie will not cut your sandwich.

      Not sure why it was so busy. I've been there around 11:30 and not had much of a line. Lunchtime *is* nuts, though.

      Darn, now I need to get back there.

    2. Love Ernie and the sandwich. Went there during the Woodward cruise. Hard to find the unmarked building but worth the trip