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Jul 9, 2014 08:53 AM

I want some yummy Iraqi bread

I can't remember where in Chi-town I had some of this yummy bread? Any ideas?

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  1. Al Khyam on Kedzie near Lawrence?

    Give them a call.

    Also Taza on Devon.

    1. We used to get that when I worked in Baghdad. One day one of the locals that worked with us brought hot dog buns instead. He was so proud because the buns were so much softer than the bread he normally brought.

      We were not pleased.

      1. Quite a few places in Bridgeview might carry it.

        1. Definitely Al Khayam on N Kedzie about half a block south of Lawrence, west side of street. They make all kinds of ME breads and seem always to be just taking them out of the oven when I am there. I love to get the lavash which is like yards and yards of thin fabric (only it's bread) that you can make wraps out of forever. Their display of baklava is not too shabby either, and the Arabic pickles are wonderful, and if you want strawberry flavor tobacco for your hookah, this is the place. If you're not driving, take Brown Line to Kedzie and walk half a block north.